- March 19, 2018

Introverts Will Love These Low-Key Austin Activities


Austin is known as a place where people go out and have fun. While it may be an extrovert’s paradise, introverts can enjoy Austin just as much. Music festivals, loud nightclubs, and group exercise classes may be an extroverts ideas for fun, but most introverts would rather stay home than participate in those activities.

Introversion is often misunderstood as shyness. While many introverts are in fact shy, introversion and extroversion are more about whether a person is energized by internal factors or by external ones. Extroverts get energy from being around people, but introverts become exhausted after playing the social butterfly. Most people fall somewhere along the continuum between these two extremes, and everyone identifies with each label at various times.

Introverts prefer solitary activities or those activities that include a handful of people or fewer. Introverts aren’t antisocial. They just have a finite amount of stamina for displaying extroverted behavior. Austin has plenty for introverts to do. Here are 10 suggestions.

10. Hike a nature trail

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Austin has far more beautiful days than dreary ones, and one of the best places to enjoy Austin’s weather is while hiking a local nature trail. Winding creeks and thick greenery await you, and most of the time, so does solitude if you want it. Check out our guide to Austin’s nature trails to see which ones call you to the great outdoors.