- December 5, 2023

Il Divo Brings A New Day Holiday Tour To Austin


Multi-platinum classical-crossover group Il Divo will be in Austin performing their festive U.S. “A New Day Holiday Tour” at Bass Concert Hall on December 15. The show will feature holiday favorites in addition to songs from their vast catalog. 

Since launching in 2004, Il Divo has sold more than 30 million albums, produced 160 Gold and Platinum albums, and had 50 #1 hits in 35 countries. Il Divo was also the first Classical Crossover artist to have an album debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

A New Day Holiday Tour” features group members Urs Bühler (tenor) of Switzerland, Sébastian Izambard (tenor) of France, David Miller (tenor), and new addition, Steven LaBrie (baritone). After the untimely passing of original member Carlos Marin in 2021 from COVID-19, LaBrie had been a featured guest on their “Greatest Hits Tour” from 2022 to present, and has now taken over as the group’s fourth member.

We spoke with David Miller about the groups upcoming visit to Austin. Here’s what he had to say about the ATX tour stop.

Il Divo Member David Miller Talks Austin and A New Day Holiday Tour Stop

How many times have you visited Austin?

“Il Divo has come to Austin several times, although after 20 years of touring, I don’t think I could pinpoint which tours… but it has been enough times to get a sense of the flavor and the people of Austin.  It’s a very cool city!”

Are there any other Texas ties within the group?

“I have a very good friend from my college days who lives in Austin, and we always catch up every time Il Divo comes to town.  Also, our new 4th member, Steven LaBrie, is from Dallas, so now more than ever we have real ties to Texas!”

What’s your favorite thing about coming to Austin?

“Obviously, it’s always great to see my buddy from college, but beyond that, Austin is just a really fun time, every time. The town is full of music and art, and the audiences are always extra! It always feels like we have been adopted by Austin.”

Any other things you’ve had time to do or see in Austin?

“I saw the bats under that one bridge at sunset when they were all waking up and heading out.  That was really something to see!”

What are you most excited for fans to experience with this year’s show?

“This tour has many firsts that we are excited to share with our audiences. This is the first time we present this Christmas show in the USA with Steven (last year we presented it in the UK), and also the first time we will present the four new Xmas tracks we recorded earlier this year, which were completed before recording the 20th Anniversary Album “XX”.   So, these songs represent the very first material having Steven as the fourth member. We are very excited for the debut. We are also presenting, as part of our setlist, our first single from “XX”: “Crazy” for the first time in the U.S. It’s not a Christmas track per se, but then again neither was “Unbreak My Heart”, and nobody seemed to mind that. Lol.”

You can catch David and the rest of Il Divo at Bass Concert Hall on December 15. Buy tickets here.