- April 30, 2024

Meow Wolf Style Submersive Spa Is Coming to Austin


We love anything that keeps Austin weird and this sounds perfect. One of the founders of Meow Wolf is bringing an immersive spa to Austin. Corvas Brinkerhoff is stepping away from Meow Wolf to work on Submersive and Austin is the only location currently in the works. The first half of the spa will be completed in 2026 and the second half in 2028. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Meow Wolf Style Spa Submersive!

The 12 room 25,000-square-foot spa will feature a main gathering space with visitors choosing how they proceed from one space to the next. Each of the 12 spas will have a unique look, sound, and feel. They’ll even use an AI quiz to give guests an ideal route throughout the space based on their preferences and state of mind. Much like Meow Wolf, you can expect video projection, immersive art, steam, and lasers. 

With Submersive, Brinkerhoff is hoping to bring bathhouse culture to the U.S. Though Austin is the first locations, he’s hoping it will follow in the footsteps of the immersive art experience with different themed spas in other locales. Meow Wolf currently has locations in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver, Grapevine, and, coming soon, Houston.

Submersive to set to open in 2026.

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Featured Photo/Rendering Via Lua Brice/Submersive