- October 13, 2022

Hocus Pocus House Magically Appears in East Austin


The Harry Potter House in South Austin may not be happening for Halloween this year, but we found the next best thing. A Hocus Pocus display has magically appeared at a house in East Austin – a house we know well as it’s also the Home Alone House that we featured in the past.

In 2020, Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly and Alex Moreland created a Home Alone display to honor one of their favorite Christmas movies. Now, it seems they are celebrating a beloved Halloween classic with a Hocus Pocus themed display.

In addition to an “Entering Salem” sign, there are three eerily life like replicas of the Sanderson Sisters. And that’s not all! In the front window, you can also spot the spirit of Thackery Binx’s ill fated sister Emily.

Here are a couple of pictures to put a spell on you and get you in the mood for a Hocus Pocus re-watch!

The Hocus Pocus House is located on Lafayette Avenue in the Cherrywood neighborhood. If you stop by, please don’t run amuck. This is a private residence after all.