- December 22, 2020

You Must See The Home Alone House In Austin!


There are some awesome Christmas displays in Austin this year, but this Home Alone themed house in the Cherrywood neighborhood takes the cake… or should we say pizza (Little Nero’s Pizza to be exact).

Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly and Alex Moreland created the display honoring one of their favorite Christmas movies. According to KXAN, they started on the display in September. The couple’s favorite part is “Marv” played by actor Daniel Stern.

“We got all of the clothes at Goodwill. I think we were able to nail down his look, pretty well. We put the iron on there. We used wool, like felting wool to do his goatee, facial hair. The tar marks on his feet and crowbar in his hands — I think we had the most fun with him and I think he turned out the most successful,” Moreland told KXAN.

Here are pictures of the Home Alone House in Austin.

If you’re interested in seeing the display for yourself, the house sits on a corner of Lafayette Avenue.

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