There’s A Harry Potter House in Southwest Austin!

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Even in 2020, the love for Harry Potter prevails! Though it looks a little different this year, the Harry Potter house is back in Southwest Austin.

Here’s what to expect:

As outlined on the house’s Facebook page, they are NOT doing the typical walk-trough, immersive Diagon Alley ATX display this year. They have, however, placed their version of Hogwarts Castle in their front yard! The owner began working on an entirely new build in June. You can see everything from the safety of your car as you drive-by. There are floating pumpkins, a huge mural, The Great Hall, The Astronomy Tower, and The Marble Staircase Tower.

The owners ask that you enjoy the display from the street. While it looks sturdy, it is made from foam insulation boards which are more delicate than they look. For safety reasons (there are currently nails, construction debris, etc.) they ask that you do not come onto the property. Please respect this request.

Where Is The Harry Potter House Located?

The home is located off Slaughter Lane in Circle C’s Vintage Place, across from the park. You can’t miss it! Because the decorations are viewed from the street, there are no set hours. However, the lights will only be on at certain times: Monday through Friday, lights out at 8:30 p.m. Lights out at 9:30 p.m. on the weekend.

As in past years, the family is accepting donations to a few local charities. They do not keep any portion of your donation for materials or expenses related to the project. All money collected will be split between Foster Angels of Central Texas, Variety Texas, and ZACH Theatre. All have been hit hard by the pandemic and are worthy of our support. Please consider donating. There are currently two ways to donate. You can Venmo: @DiagonAlleyAtx or donate via GoFundMe.

As mentioned, this is a private residence. If you pay it a visit, wear a mask, keep socially distanced, and do not disturb the residents, their property, or other neighbors.

No specific end date for the Harry Potter house has been announced but a post on Facebook says the display will be up “through November.”

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