- October 29, 2020

Stay Overnight At The Most Haunted Hotel in Austin

For everyone still putting together plans for Halloween, you may want to consider an overnight stay at the most haunted hotel Austin.

In a past survey conducted by Mashable, The Driskill Hotel was voted the second most-haunted hotel in America, coming in behind New Orleans’ Hotel Monteleone.

So, what is it about The Driskill that makes it so spooky? Staff have reported numerous paranormal incidents, including the eerie smell of cigar smoke said to be associated with the hotel’s builder, Col. Jesse Driskill. And Driskill is only one of the ghosts said to inhabit the structure.

Room #525 in particular is said to be the most haunted space in the hotel. According to local legend, two brides committed suicide in the room on the same night some 20 years apart.

The fifth floor is also home to a portrait of a little girl named Samantha who died after falling down the hotel’s grand staircase. Some visitors say her portrait’s expression changes if you stare long enough, and a few reports suggest people have walked away from the painting feeling like they had been lifted into the air.

Have you stayed in The Driskill? Experienced anything paranormal? We want to hear about it! Message us on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out this spooky video detailing the most haunted hotel in Austin!

Photo: Flickr user Matthew Rutledge, creative commons licensed.

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