- January 11, 2021

These Are The Best Pictures and Videos of Snow in Austin!

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A snow day in Austin is a rarity. In fact, Central Texans hadn’t seen a significant amount of snow since 2017. So when the skies went white on Sunday, everyone took to their cameras to document the momentous occasion.

From professional photogs to amateurs, there are some pretty amazing images all over social media.

Here are just a few of our favorite pictures and videos of snow in Austin on Instagram.

A lovely collection from Austin Monthly:

St. Edwards looking like a winter wonderland:


A view from above:

It’s “surf’s up” in these snaps from The Statesman:

The caption on this video from Round Rock says it all:

That’s one committed fan of SUP:

Want to make the best of the winter chill? Rent a hot tub!


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