- June 23, 2021

7 Totally Picture Perfect Places To Take Your Next Austin Selfie

Sometimes selfies are just too tempting to resist! Whether it’s just necessary to immortalize a great moment — like the time you prepared to dive into Barton Springs Pool to christen the summer, or you want to remember rocking out to your favorite band at ACL. Before you know it, you’re grinning into that little black lens on the back of your phone for the perfect Austin selfie, hoping you’re getting the angle right so that your arm doesn’t look like it’s 20 feet long as you click the shutter.

We understand, and so we want to provide you with a bit of advice. As you explore Texas’ great capital city, you’re going to find a huge number of selfie-snapping opportunities, but none so perfectly Austin-esque and Instagram-worthy as these seven locations.

7. Mount Bonnell

The view from Mount Bonnell

Climb Mt. Bonnell for one of the best views of Austin around! Photo by: Flickr user alamobasement, Creative Commons licensed.

There’s no place like the highest hill in Austin for city skyline-viewing. Just before sunset or sunrise, climb up Mt. Bonnell’s 0.3-mile, stair-stepped trail for the best view of Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake, ak. the Colorado River), the downtown skyline, and an eyeful of beautiful Texas hill country.

Location: 3800 Mt. Bonnell Road

6. Auditorium Shores — Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial

Stevie Ray Vaghan statue against the Austin skyline

Snap a selfie with Steve! Photo by: Flickr user Robert Hensley, Creative Commons licensed

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Stevie Ray Vaughan is a legend in the Live Music Capital of the World. The memorial statue erected of him at Auditorium Shores marks a great place to view the downtown cityscape and Lady Bird Lake. Nighttime lake reflections are usually stunning!

Location: 920 West Riverside Drive

5. Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

view of downtown from pfluger pedestrian bridge

In past years, Austinites have enjoyed other inspiring train bridge messages like, “FOCUS ONE POINT AND BREATHE,” and “LIFE IS CHANGE, BE FLEXIBLE.” Photo: Rebecca L. Bennett, Brave Bird Photography

Walking across the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge will present you with some unique selfie opportunities in front of Austin’s beloved Lamar train bridge graffiti, Lady Bird Lake, and the city skyline. Currently, the Lamar train bridge reads: “NINJA STYLE KUNG FU GRIP” and “NEVER GIVE UP,” thanks to some brave graffiti artist who continues to defy (and confound) railroad officials year after year.

Location: 901 W Cesar Chavez Street 

4. University of Texas — Tower

university of texas tower

University of Texas’ 307-foot observation tower would be an excellent selfie background! Photo: Flickr user Jeff Gunn, Creative Commons licensed

Just as the Capitol Building is Austin’s governmental seat, University of Texas is Austin’s educational figurehead, and on campus its 307-foot observation tower is king. You can certainly schedule a tour to the top floor of UT Tower for panoramic views of the city, but if you want to feature the tower in your shot, we recommend snapping a selfie somewhere near its base, with the giant looming behind you.

Location: 305 E 23rd Street 

4. South Congress Ave.

south congress avenue

The Texas Capitol is visible just about anywhere along South Congress. Photo: Flickr user Justin Jensen, Creative Commons licensed

You’ll find a number of great self portrait opportunities down South Congress Avenue, but for a real bang-up selfie in Austin, try featuring the Capitol Building in your shot. You can see the Capitol in the distance from basically any perspective on South Congress, but if you’d rather have the Capitol right up in your business, simply abandon SoCo and explore the Capitol’s well-manicured grounds to find the perfect angle.

Location: 1100 Congress Avenue 

2. Congress Bridge

view of downtown Austin from below congress avenue

Here beneath the Congress bridge, spectators gather from 6 to 9 p.m. in March through October to watch the bats’ nightly flights! Photo: Rebecca L. Bennett, Brave Bird Photography

The Congress Avenue bridge is a must-shoot during any selfie scavenger hunt, especially in the evenings when the bats start flying and the sun starts setting. After dark, the reflections and colors on Lady Bird Lake are absolutely stunning, whether you’re standing on top of the bridge or venture beneath it along the hike and bike trail.

Location: Statesman Bat Observation Center, 305 S Congress Avenue  

1. Greetings From Austin Mural

Greetings from Austin

Photo by Dani Dudek/ ATXgossip.com

No selfie shoot is complete without a visit to the Greetings From Austin Mural in South Austin. In fact, there are dozens of cool murals that make for the most awesome Instagram worthy shots. You can check them all out here. But, none is more iconic than this one.

Location: Roadhouse Relics, 1720 South 1st Street 

Austin is an incredibly colorful place with plenty of eye-catching and quirky photo opportunities, but these seven big locations provide some of the best views of the heart of the city.

If you’re looking for more photo opportunities try these: 

Photos (unless otherwise noted): Rebecca L. Bennett, Brave Bird Photography