- April 19, 2021

Beyond The Bluebonnet – 10 Texas Flowers You Should Be Snapping Selfies With


While we all continue to social distance, there’s no better time to take a drive and gawk at all the gorgeous Texas wildflowers. And the bluebonnet isn’t the only flower to be on the lookout for. Though the classic Texas Bluebonnet portraits reign supreme (even in the weirdest situations), we think that the countless other species of beautiful Austin wildflowers should get some selfie love, too.

Here are the other Texas Wildflowers you should stop and snap pictures with.

1.) Indian Paintbrush

2.) Indian Blanket

3.) Black-eyed Susan

4.) Drummond Phlox

5.) Pink Evening Primrose

6.) Common Sunflower

7.) Texas Lantana

8.) Texas Prickly Pear

9.) Red Poppy

10.) Texas Thistle


This list barely scratches the surface of all of the types of wildflowers you’re going to encounter out there. Be sure to keep an eye out for Mexican hats, Rain lilies, White prickly-poppies, Basket-flowers, Spotted bee balm, Prairie verbena, and Texas vervain, too.  

As far as where to go to locate these natural beauties, you’ll definitely want to check out Austin’s many community parks, hiking trails, and roadsides. Though both temporarily closed right now, Zilker Botanical Garden and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center come alive with many different types of flowers and foliage in the spring.

And don’t forget Texas’ gorgeous state parks — you’re guaranteed to find tons of wildflowers there.

Portions of this article were previously published in a post by Rebecca L. Bennett on Austin.com