- May 10, 2021

25 Reasons To Fall In Love With Central Austin

As Austin continues to rapidly grow in popularity, we Austinites inevitably have to pay the dues of being in the national and international spotlight: criticism, and often the ruthless kind. Some of you long-time residents might be truly annoyed by certain aspects of ATX (ridiculous traffic, anyone?) and if you’re a noob, well, you probably don’t know what to think of this crazy place yet, and we don’t blame you.

But before you make up your mind to side with the “Austin is the Worst Place Ever” crowd, here are some experiences that we’re convinced will make you fall in love with central Austin—if not for the first time, then all over again.

25 Reasons To Fall In Love With Central Austin

Chill out at Barton Springs Pool

barton springs pool swim swimming spring summer water

Barton Springs Pool is a great spot to cool off. Photo: Flickr user Incase, creative commons licensed

Spring-fed and clear as can be, Barton Springs Pool is a favorite swimming hole in Austin. For just a few bucks, you’ll get three acres of splash potential and a nice grassy hillside to spread out your blanket and suntan. Pro Tip: Avoid visiting during peak hours unless you’re a fish that prefers to swim in a school.

2201 Barton Springs Road For prices, hours, and everything else you need to know, click here.

Devour a mouthwatering burger at Phil’s Icehouse…

phil's icehouse burger joint hamburger cheeseburger local

Phil’s Swiss and mushroom “Travis Heights” burger is amazing! Photo: Flickr user regan76, creative commons licensed

There’s nothing quite as delicious as a local burger, and as far as we’re concerned, Phil’s Icehouse makes them better than anyone. Between Austin-themed menu items (e.g. the “78704 Burger”), mix n’ match regular and sweet potato fries, and handcrafted beverages, Phil’s really does live up to its reputation as the happiest burger joint in Texas. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the Burnet storefront is located right next to Amy’s Ice Creams!

5620 Burnet Rd. (Alternate location: 2901 S Lamar Ave). Menu. Website.

… and wash it down with a scoop of heaven at Amy’s Ice Creams

amy's ice creams amy simmons cone

You never know what will be on the menu at Amy’s! Photo: Flickr user Travis Isaacs, creative commons licensed

Once you’ve chowed down on a Rosedale burger at Phil’s on Burnet Road, you no doubt experience some unseen magnetic force pulling you into Amy’s Ice Creams right next door. That’s okay, because Amy’s literally serves the best ice cream in Austin. Make an adventure of your visit by trying a brand new flavor or stick to something tried-but-true like “Just Vanilla.” It’s not going to matter. It all tastes like heaven.

Multiple locations. Website.

Buy organic wonderfulness at Whole Foods

whole foods natural grocery store organic produce

This beast of a natural foods market even has its own parking garage! Flickr user Counse, creative commons licensed

Shop for groceries, fill up on food samples, grab a delicious meal at the food court, or gawk at all of the pretty colors and perfectly organized aisles. Whatever you’re in the mood for, if it’s even generally food-related, Whole Foods probably has you covered. Sorry, Central Market—you’re great too, but Whole Foods was here first!

525 N Lamar Boulevard Website.

Soak up some sun at Zilker Park

zilker park lawn dog field grass

You’ll see many a happy pooch at Zilker Park. Photo: Flickr user Matthew Rutledge, creative commons licensed

Beloved by all, Zilker Park is arguably the recreational epicenter of downtown Austin. Spanning 351 acres, the park plays host to a number of citywide events, including some pretty elaborate Christmas festivities and the massively popular ABC Kite Festival. There’s a miniature train (coming soon!), playscape, and nature center for the kiddies, as well as a spacious off-leash dog area, a hike and bike trail, a pool, a community theatre, a sculpture garden, and a botanical garden. Need we say more?

2100 Barton Springs Road Here’s everything you need to know about spending a day at Zilker Park!

Here’s everything you need to know about spending a day at Zilker Park

See the bats at the Congress bridge

congress bridge bats ann richards avenue mexican free-tail

Austin’s bats are called Mexican free-tails. Photo: Flickr user zombieite, creative commons licensed

Chances are, you’ve heard about Austin’s winged claim to fame: the 1.5 million-bat colony that roosts beneath the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. Hundreds of people gather each evening to watch the bats’ nightly flight, wielding umbrellas and wearing hats to shield themselves from falling grenades (think about it). This might seem strange to you, but here in the Capital of Weird, we don’t really care.

Bats start emerging anytime between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., but arrive earlier to park and find a good vantage point. Here’s everything you need to know about spending a day at Zilker Park

Learn about local government at the Texas State Capitol

capitol capital texas state building government

The Texas State Capitol is 10 feet taller than the U.S. Capitol. Photo: Flickr user Stuart Seeger, creative commons licensed

If you’re looking to get in some culture and nurture political intellect in the process, take a tour of the Texas State Capitol Building. Many visitors prefer to explore the Capitol and grounds independently using the State Preservation Board’s handy brochures, which are available online or on the first floor of the facility, but the available guided tours are also a great way to get a quick Texas history fix!

1100 Congress Ave. Website.

Here’s everything you need to know about spending a day at Zilker Park

Reminisce about the good old days at Bullock or LBJ

bob bullock texas state history museum archives

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Photo: Flickr user Robert Gray, creative commons licensed

For a Texas-sized dose of history, amble on over to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum or the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum at the University of Texas. At the Bullock museum, they pride themselves on telling the “continually unfolding Story of Texas.” With three spacious exhibit floors, as well as a live theater and IMAX theatre, there’s plenty to do. The LBJ Library was named after former president Lyndon Baines Johnson (whose wife, Lady Bird, was also pretty awesome) and is most famous for its Vietnam exhibit and its replica of the Oval Office as it looked during Johnson’s term.

Bullock: 1800 Congress Ave. Website. \ LBJ: 2313 Red River Street Website.

Try not to let the two-steppin’ old people show you up at the Broken Spoke

Broken Spoke

Put on your dancing shoes and head down to the Broken Spoke on Lamar to enjoy some of the best honky tonk, two-steppin’, and chicken fried steak in Texas. This iconic Austin dance hall has been around since 1964 when a local singer/ songwriter named James White took the plunge and became a business owner. Since then, the Broken Spoke has been a raging success, providing local talent with a place to sing, strum, and sway the night away.

3201 S Lamar Blvd. Website

But first, check out this post: A Visit To The Broken Spoke Is The Most So Austin Way to Pay Tribute to James White

Canoe, kayak, or paddleboard Lady Bird Lake

lake austin town water canoeing kayaking paddleboarding rental

A canoer relaxes on Lady Bird Lake. Photo: Flickr user Chun-Hung Eric Cheng, creative commons licensed

Swimming in Lady Bird Lake will get you fined, but boating is totally kosher. During Austin’s warmer months, people take to the water in canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, looking to expand their nautical horizons and stock up on Vitamin D. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, head over to Rowing Dock, Texas Rowing Center, or Congress Avenue Kayaks to rent your very own vessel. If seafaring isn’t really your style, you can still enjoy Lady Bird Lake on foot via its parallel hike and bike trail.

Here’s everything you need to know about kayaking in the Austin area.

Eat your weight in Kerbey queso and pancakes

kerbey lane cafe coffee pancakes queso

Guess what Old Gregg puts on his Kerbey Lane pancakes? Photo: Flickr user Derek Key, creative commons licensed

Farmer-fueled and totally delicious, Kerbey Lane Cafe has been making locavores’ dreams come true for thirty years and counting. Boasting a seasonal menu and a core repertoire of classic dishes, Kerbey Lane is THE place to order go if you’re craving pancakes or queso, but part of what makes this cafe so great is its variety of tasty offerings. At Kerbey Lane, anything you order will be wonderful and you can generally order just about anything.

Various locations. Menu. Website.

Take a hike through the Barton Creek Greenbelt

barton creek greenbelt trail hiking nature

The Barton Creek Greenbelt trail starts in Zilker Park. Photo: Flickr user danceswithmarmots, creative commons licensed

Barton Creek Greenbelt can be as urban or as natural as you want it to be, depending on how far you’re willing to walk! This greenbelt’s 8-mile hike and bike trail starts in Zilker Park and parallels Barton Creek south before curving off to the west under MoPac and then north alongside Highway 360. Besides offering several amazing swimming opportunities, there are also a number of rock climbing and bouldering areas along the popular trail.

3755 S Capital of Texas Hwy. Trail map.

More info on the Greenbelt here.

Enjoy classic films and local brews at Alamo Drafthouse and Paramount Theatre

Alamo Drafthouse and Paramount Theatre are two of Austin’s most well-loved theaters, and for good reason! Not only does the Paramount look like it came straight out of Phantom of the Opera, but it has also been providing Austinites with a means to enjoy the arts in just about every context (comedy, Shakespeare, live music—you name it!) for nearly 100 years. The Drafthouse is a different beast. Imagine, if you will, a bar, a restaurant, and a cinema smashed together into one entertainment venue. Now, add complimentary props, audience-wide sing-a-longs, and movie marathons. That’s Alamo Drafthouse.

Alamo Drafthouse: Multiple locations. Website.

Paramount Theatre: 713 Congress Ave. Website.

Two words: Hook ‘Em.

university texas ut tower football hook em horns

The Orange masses. Photo: Flickr user Phil Roeder, creative commons licensed

Here in Austin, we’re obsessed with music, but we love our football too. When the Longhorns have a home game at UT’s Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, you can forget about driving anywhere quickly in the resulting downtown gridlock. And it’s not just football—UT basketball never fails to reel in a crowd at the Frank Erwin Center. Even if you aren’t from Austin, you’re more welcome to jump into the sea of orange. Assuming your “Hook ’em Horns” hand sign is up to snuff, that is. If sports aren’t your thing, spend some time exploring UT’s massive campus instead. Taking a tour of the university’s 307-foot observation tower, for example, will allow you a gorgeous panoramic view of ATX.

Texas Memorial Stadium: 2139 San Jacinto Blvd. Website.

UT Tower: 2303 San Jacinto Blvd (approx). Website.

Splurge on a latte at some of the best local coffee shops

jo's hot coffee good food coffeehouse buzz mill thunderbird

The “I Love You So Much” mural at Jo’s is probably the most popular mural in ATX. Photo: Flickr user ms.akr, creative commons licensed

ATX has more awesome local coffee shops than you can count with all of your phalanges (toes included), but these three are most guaranteed to reignite your love for Austin and its local business-friendly culture. At Jo’s Coffee, you’ll find more than just hot coffee and good food; this classic joint serves local sodas, teas, and alcohol, in addition to sporting probably the most popular mural in the city on its north side. Thunderbird is a quirky little coffee shop on Manor Drive; known for their coffee and beer, Thunderbird is an all-around awesome place to hang out and watch the local wildlife. Buzz Mill is for lumberjacks only. Not really, but the shop is decorated like a rugged cabin and it’s open 24 hours serving homemade brews of both the coffee and bootleg variety.

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Catch a live show at Continental Club

Continental Club

Austin is considered the live music capital of the world, and rightfully so. As soon as you step off the plane, Austin-Bergstrom Airport has live music in the terminals. There’s live music in Austin that’s big scale – like Austin City Limits, or larger concert venues like COTA, Frank Erwin Center, and Stubb’s. If you’re looking for a more small scale spot, we highly recommend an iconic spot like the Continental Club. Though you can find live music no matter what part of Austin you’re in.

1315 S Congress Avenue Website.

Admire timeless art at the Blanton

blanton museum art classic renaissance impressionism abstract realism

The oceanic walls in bordering the stairwell here are part of an acrylic tile installation called “Stacked Waters” (2009) by Teresita Fernandez. Photo: Flickr user J Neuberger, creative commons licensed

Austin has a thing for creative expression and we seriously recommend spending a day reveling in that by exploring local art galleries throughout central Austin, but why not learn a bit about classic art first? The Blanton Museum of Art is a wonderful place to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of art and its relationship to our culture and times. You’ll find paintings and sculptures from many an artistic legend at the Blanton, accompanied by a massive number of lesser known pieces and cultural works created right here in Texas. In all, the museum displays more than 17,000 works!

200 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Website.

Score some new tunes at Waterloo Records

waterloo records cd disc music live venue store mp3 band

Waterloo Records is a place for music lovers, not just music consumers. Photo: Flickr user ღ ℂℏ℟ḯʂ ღ, creative commons licensed

Since 1982, Waterloo Records has been serving up music to public. The main guiding principle of Waterloo’s business model goes something like this: Waterloo Records is a place for music lovers, not just music consumers. Case in point: customers can literally listen to an entire album in the store before buying it. Why? Because music. The Austin Chronicle has taken a poll about the best record store in Austin every year since 1982, and by now, we’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell you that Waterloo is always crowned.

600A N Lamar Blvd. Website

Snap pics at the street art on SoCo

Willie Mural

In addition to seeking out historic landmarks and museums, visitors and locals alike are now looking for the coolest places to snap a photo. Thankfully, we live in a city that has embraced street art and continues to expand it. Some of the coolest spots are located along South Congress. From the I Love You So Much wall, to Willie for President, to the From Love From Austin mural, there are many insta-worthy spots. You can find them all here!

Let loose on 6th Street

sixth pecan street 6th dirty bars clubs pubs live music

6th Street used to be called Pecan Street. Photo: Flickr user Ed Schipul, creative commons licensed

Central Austin provides arguably the best nightlife in the city, with one major thoroughfare at the center of it all: infamous 6th Street. This seven-block stretch between Congress and I-35 is often referred to as “Dirty Sixth” by locals for its extensive array of bars and clubs (among other reasons). If you’re of a mind to par-tay, then Sixth Street should be your first stop. Other iconic city streets include: the Red River District (live music), the Drag/Guadalupe St (general randomness), the Warehouse District (upscale fun), and SoCo/South Congress (a little bit of everything).

6th StreetWebsite

Grab a burger at the spot where Matthew McConaughey first said, “Alright, alright, alright”

top notch

Make a trip to the so Austin burger joint that’s more than alright, alright, alright. Top Notch Burgers opened in 1971 and hasn’t changed a bit – and that’s a good thing. It’s also the site where a young Matthew McConaughey first spoke his now infamous phrase in a scene of Dazed and Confused. The iconic scene at Top Notch was actually a spontaneous addition to the film and was added to give McConaughey more time on screen. Fun fact: he ad libbed that line!

7525 Burnet Road. Website.

Nerd out at Pinballz Arcade and Dragon’s Lair

pinballz dragon lair comics arcade video game fantastic fest

Try not to die of geeky glee! Photo: Flickr user Anna Hanks, creative commons licensed

Pinballz Aracde and Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy are incredibly different, but they’re also two of the best places to nerd out in central Austin. If this virtual tour of Pinballz doesn’t blow your mind, then try this: Pinballz contains the largest number of pinball machines in Texas. Pinballz is 13,000 square feet of air-conditioned video game wonderfulness. Oh, and did we mention that most of Pinballz’s game machines are actually for sale? Yep. Now, Dragon’s Lair is more for the RPG and board game fanatic. Besides being the biggest comic book store in ATX, Dragon’s Lair hosts frequent card and board game tournaments and provides a friendly venue for you to engage in some good old-fashioned verbal sparring over a game of Risk.

Pinballz WebsiteDragon’s Lair Website

Feed your inner herbivore at Counter Culture and Mother’s Cafe

counter culture vegan vegetarian mother's cafe garden

Counter Culture’s Seitan Philly with Chipotle Quinoa. Photo: Flickr user Jeff Gunn, creative commons licensed

Much to the delight of local animal activists, Austin’s restaurant scene is becoming an increasingly friendly place for vegan and vegetarian patrons. Counter Culture is a relatively new purveyor of delicious vegan-happy eats, having evolved from its humble beginnings as a food trailer, but the vegan Bueno Burger at Mother’s Cafe has been knocking Austinites’ socks off since 1980!

Counter Culture: 2337 E Cesar Chavez. Menu. Website. \ Mother’s Cafe: 4215 Duval St and E 43rd St. MenuWebsite.

Splurge on sweets at Gourdough’s, Quack’s, and Hey Cupcake

hey cupcake gourdough's donuts bakery baked goods trailer quack's 43rd street

Heeeey, cupcake! Photo: Flickr user Evan Bench, creative commons licensed

Be warned: we Austinites know how to bake a mean cupcake, and we’re also pretty darn good at donuts.  If you buy something sweet from Hey Cupcake!, Gourdough’s Donuts, or Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, be prepared to weep a little.

Hey Cupcake! Menu. Website. \ Gourdough’s: MenuWebsite. \ Quack’s: Menu. Website.

Be a kid again at Toy Joy

toy joy store kids children kiddies kiddos nunzilla weird

Toy Joy just recently opened up a new storefront on 2nd St. Photo: Flickr user Karin Dalziel, creative commons licensed

Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to do with the kids for an hour in town or maybe you ascribe to the perfectly legitimate philosophy that one never really outgrows toys. Whatever your situation, Toy Joy is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In fact, spend just ten minutes inside and you’ll be chuckling all evening about that Nunzilla figurine or bar of Bacon Soap that you saw as you explored the shop’s treasure troves.

403 West 2nd Street Website.

If you pay close attention as you explore these 25 well-loved haunts in Central Austin, you might just feel the heartbeat of ATX. That would be beautiful—and also, weird.

Featured image: Flickr user ms.akr, creative commons licensed.