- October 14, 2016

These 10 Photos Ultimately Prove Kerbey Lane Queso Equals Love

By now, you’ve probably heard that Kerbey Lane Cafe is now selling “Classic” and “Vegan” expressions of their world famous Kerbey Queso in Whole Foods stores throughout Austin and the Southwest. Mark this historic moment in history, people, because in Kerbey Lane’s entire 36-year history, they’ve never made their queso available outside of their restaurants, though they have been selling pancake mixes for several years.

To celebrate that mouthwatering fact, we put together this list of really yummy-looking photos of Kerbey Queso to make you dream of shoveling the gooey, cheese dip deliciousness into your mouth with a trusty tortilla chip.

If you can make it through the whole article without jumping in your car and speeding to your nearest Kerby Queso station — be it a Whole Foods store or a Kerbey Lane Cafe itself — then we applaud your willpower (because we admittedly have none):

Queso fixes everything #kerbeyqueso

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Ready when you are.

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In a recent press release, Kerbey Lane’s CEO, Mason Ayer remarked at being “thrilled to be able to spread the Kerbey love, in the form of Queso, to fans and friends all over Texas and beyond.” The release also described the circumstances surrounding the invention of Kerbey Queso, stating:

“Kerbey first developed its Vegan Queso when a team member, MJ Jackson, approached the chef with the idea of using nutritional yeast to create a queso option for vegan guests. The new, zesty Vegan Queso was a hit, and has been on Kerbey Lane menus ever since.”

Whole Foods is currently selling both the Classic and Vegan Kerbey Queso refrigerated dips for $7. Each carton carries a 70 day shelf life, so you really have no excuse not to have one on hand, like, constantly.

And now, we’d like to leave you with this profound haiku because who doesn’t like a good poem? And haven’t we all felt exactly this way before?:


Featured photo: Courtesy of Kerbey Lane Cafe