- December 16, 2014

It’s True: Kerbey Lane’s Pancakes Are Good Enough To Mend A Broken Heart

Kerbey Lane Cafe began as a humble “mom and pop” operation on May 5, 1980 at 3704 Kerbey Lane. Since then, it has opened six different locations around Austin.

That empire has now grown beyond Austin. Kerbey Lane also sells pancake mixes online, in HEB grocery stores, and at T.J. Maxx department stores in Canada. From all outward signs, this company has its sights set on going global. If so, they have done it without something almost every business finds crucial: Advertising. Despite this, I have yet to find an Austinite that doesn’t love a good Kerbery Lane pancake.

Take a look at their menu. It is just as diverse as Austin itself. There’s a variety of Tex-Mex, Vegan, and Southern Staples. The Chicken Fried Chicken and “Kerbey Lane Creations,” like their Bison Frito Pie and Greek Lamb Burger, are all great. Kerbey Lane offers seasonal menus year-round, and different flavor pancakes every day. Each location also has a unique atmosphere full of local paintings and photography. They’re all just perfect for catching up with old friends, studying for that final exam, or in my case, mending a broken heart. (See the video below.)

Better yet, Kerbey Lane supports the town that helped built their empire. They work with United Way; maintain a compost program; use energy-efficient methods in their restaurants; and donate their excess food to charities. They also buy from local farms, wineries, and brewers. On a international level, they also “seek to partner with suppliers and businesses that share our values and maintain a like-minded commitment to engaging in a professional relationship premised on honesty and transparency.”

While their booths are always cozy, the service at Kerbey Lane somehow manages to top them. Their servers, or “team members,” made me feel like a guest in their home and not like a raving lunatic looking for her next fix of food therapy. People like that help Kerbey Lane has create an “environment that encourages personal expression and creativity while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, continual self-improvement and operational excellence.”

With all these elements coming together every day of the week, it’s no wonder Kerbey Lane is such a success.


Photo: Flickr user hedvigs, creative commons licensed.