- June 22, 2015

10 Reasons Why Kerbey Lane’s Round Rock Cafe Is An Absolute Must

Kerbey Lane just planted a new restaurant in Round Rock! The shiny new diner officially opened on May 11, marking the local franchise’s seventh location, and the locals are justifiably stoked.

The key question with any local chain’s expansion is whether their new location(s) will be able to measure up in character to the company’s flagship; in this case, Kerbey Lane in south Austin. “A lot of people think of the original location as the quintessential Kerbey Lane,” Kerbey Lane CEO Mason Ayer told The Austin-American Statesman. “In Round Rock, we’re going for a more open, modern look. Same service, same food: just a new environment… we want to make sure every location is a home run, and great from the start. That’s really important to us.”

Boom. But what is Ayer actually talking about? We boiled it down to 10 specific reasons why you should absolutely eat at the Kerbey Lane in Round Rock

10) They have a playground!

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

9) No fighting over parking going on here.

If you’ve been to the flagship cafe in Central Austin, you know this struggle is real.

8) Three words: Locally grown greens.

Kerbey Lane purchases the majority of its ingredients from Texas farmers who are dedicated to sustainable growing practices. That’s not so easy to find in Round Rock.

7) You DESERVE some Kerbey Queso.

Northerners (IE Round Rock and surrounding communities), just know that Kerbey Queso is one of the highest forms of self love.

6) They’re always open.

The territories north of Austin proper don’t have much going on late at night. Kerbey Lane’s entrance into your market means no more of this.

5) You (probably) won’t even have to wait.

Kerbey Lane in Round Rock isn’t quite as busy as the other locations… Yet. That’s good news for impatient farts.

4) Seven is a magical number.

Kerbey Lane Round Rock is the company’s seventh restaurant in the greater Austin area. That makes it special.

3) Shockingly clean bathrooms.

It’s not that older Kerbey Lanes have bad bathrooms. These are just clean AND new. It’s a little startling.

2) Kerbey’s new ‘classic’ decor is pretty stylin’.

Kerbey Lane Round Rock has this wholly new “classic” diner aesthetic going on. Not talking Grease, but spontaneous boogieing may occur.

1) How you feel after a Kerbey meal.

If you’ve never been, you are in for a real treat. Once you know this feeling, you’ll understand why Kerbey Lane sells so many of those nerdy t-shirts.


Featured photo: Kerbey Lane Cafe in Round Rock, TX. Rebecca L. Bennett, Brave Bird Photography.