- December 23, 2023

Celebrate The New Year In Austin At These 10 Fireworks Viewpoints!

Times Square might be known as the best place to bring in the New Year, but Austin does a pretty great job of it, too! With the city’s annual celebration at Auditorium Shores and countless parties and live music performances at downtown venues, you’ll have plenty of choices for activities to bring in the new year.

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On that note, we happen to think that watching Austin fireworks is one of the better ways to bring in the new year. There will be fireworks shows happening all around Austin, so we have identified 10 of the best primary and alternative locations to watch them as you usher in 2024…

Celebrate The New Year with Austin Fireworks At These 10 Viewpoints!

1.) For an epic Austin fireworks panorama, climb Mount Bonnell

As the tallest natural viewpoint in Austin, there’s no question that Mount Bonnell would be an excellent place to watch multiple fireworks shows taking place across the city. Technically, the viewpoint closes at sunset, but the parks service generally extends hours on special occasions. You’ll want to lug a blanket or lawn chair up the hill with you unless you’re cool with parking it in the dirt or on a rock. Just be sure to get there early because lots of folks will set up camp on Mt. Bonnell.

3800 Mt. Bonnell Road | Website

2.) The 360 Bridge Overlook provides amazing views, too

pennybacker loop 360 bridge overlook bluff cliff viewpoint lookout fireworks highway bridge new year

Fireworks as seen from the Pennybacker (360) Bridge Overlook. Photo: Flickr user Gino, CC licensed.

Offering a perfect view of area fireworks, the 360 Bridge Overlook is another popular viewpoint to celebrate the new year in style. The overlook is located along North Capital of Texas Highway. Head south on Loop 360 from 2222. As you pass the neighborhood at West Courtyard Drive, you should see a roadside parking lot (just before a bridge) nestled against a cliff side on the right. That’s the one! Arrive early to secure an optimal spot and don’t forget a blanket or chair.

5300 N Capitol of TX Highway | Website

3) If you’re the quiet type, celebrate the New Year from St. Edwards

The sports fields at St. Edwards University offer quiet, crowdless views of the Auditorium Shores fireworks. Since St. Edwards is a lesser-known viewpoint, it probably isn’t crucial for you to show up early, but if you’re late, do expect the field to be populated with locals and students in the know. Bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair, or plan to commandeer the bleachers.

3001 South Congress Avenue | Website

4) Barton Creek Square Mall is another lesser known spot

Barton Creek Square Mall’s northeastern parking lot area provides a lovely view of Austin’s skyline, which also makes it a perfect location for fireworks ogling! Since this relatively quiet viewpoint also doubles as a parking lot, tailgating is A-OK, although you can certainly pack a blanket or chair to watch from the grass.

PS, while this post has been updated, the picture have not been. How about that old Austin skyline?

2901 S Capitol of Texas Highway | Website

5) Zilker Park will put you right in the action

austin new year fireworks july 4th independence day celebration party lights show display

Fireworks at Auditorium Shores. Photo: Flickr user Perry Hall, CC licensed.

Zilker Park provides one of the best close-up viewpoints of the Auditorium Shores fireworks, but if you want to fully enjoy your experience, be sure to arrive early to stake your claim for blanket space. Additionally, be sure to check out the other city parks with downtown views: Shoal Beach, Butler Park, Rock Island, Lamar Beach, Redbud Isle, and Deep Eddy Park. Show up early or scout locations the day before to ensure that you have a great view.

Expert Tip: Be mindful of tree cover as you select your viewpoint.

2100 Barton Springs Road | Website

6) The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge is a good (albeit crowded) bet

fireworks new year fourth july

The view from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. Photo: Nathaniel F via Wikimedia Commons.

You’ll really need to arrive early if you want to get anything out of this location, but the viewing from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge is so good that it would be remiss of us not to fill you in about it. By 10 p.m. when the Auditorium Shores fireworks start, the bridge will be crammed full of people, so be considerate of your neighbors and leave your blankets and chairs at home.

7) Join half of Austin at Auditorium Shores

For those who don’t mind crowds, Auditorium Shores is probably the best place to watch fireworks, hands down. Hundreds of thousands of folks show up each year to watch fireworks, celebrate the new year, and get plugged in with the Austin community.  As with all of the other viewpoints, bring a blanket or fold-up chair unless you’d rather sit in the grass. And arrive early, since basically half of all of Austin’s inhabitants will be watching from Auditorium Shores with you.

Expert tip: Make sure trees don’t block your view! 

920 W Riverside Drive | Website

8) You can’t go wrong with the South 1st Street Bridge

South 1st Street Bridge downtown Austin ATX city catwalk sidewalk pedestrian walking

The South 1st Street Bridge provides excellent viewing. Photo: Flickr user Sanjoy Ghosh, CC licensed.

As long as you can tolerate crowds — that is, concert-esque crowds where you’re rubbing elbows and practically spooning with strangers — the South 1st Street Bridge will give you an excellent view of the Auditorium Shores fireworks, and you’ll probably be able to see distant artillery shells from other local shows from the bridge as well. Plan to stand the whole time!

9) And don’t forget about the Congress Avenue Bridge

congress avenue ann w. richards bridge

Looking west from the Congress Bridge. Photo: Flickr user Jon Clegg, CC licensed

Besides being home to almost two million bats, the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge serves as a wonderful fireworks viewpoint. Now, inevitably, the bridge will be crammed full of people celebrating the new year, but as long as you plan ahead and show up early to find parking and pick the place you’re going to stand, you’ll do just fine!

10) If none of those spots seem right, try rooftops and residential towers

If you’re already planning on ringing in the new year downtown, you should keep an eye out for bars, parking garages, and condominiums that offer rooftop access to paying customers or residents. The Chase Bank parking garage at 5th and Guadalupe has been known to offer free or inexpensive fireworks viewing in the past and if you know anyone who lives in The Austonian or 360 Condominiums, we definitely recommend setting up camp at their place.

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Featured photo: Flickr user Perry Hall, CC licensed.