- August 16, 2016

We’re Totally Stoked For The Deer’s Next Album After Hearing Their Single ‘Do Return’


Beginning in 2012, local band The Deer formed as a solo project of front woman Grace Park, but has since gone on to become so much more.

Earlier this year, The Deer released a single and music video for “Do Return,” a mellow pop song that showcases the groups vocals sung by Park, upright bassist Jesse Dalton, and drummer Alan Eckert. Appearing on their latest album, Tempest & Rapture, released this year, “Do Return” showcases the band’s experimental and drowsy sound. It’s a perfect track for music fans looking to indulge themselves in dream-pop music.

Always pushing themselves further with each release, The Deer is a band that Austinites can definitely get excited about. They show a lot of promise.

Check out “Do Return” below.

Featured photo: The Deer

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