- May 19, 2020

We Found Five Austin Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram


Photography has changed so much over the last few decades. Technology has evolved photography from film cameras, to digital, and even to smart phones. Regardless of the format, Austin has always been a creative hub and that’s true now more than ever. The combination of different photography mediums has resulted in a flurry of unique photographers.

We found some incredible photographers who call Austin home and selected a couple of photos from each that we think best represents the vibe of our city.

Here are five Austin photographers you need to follow on Instagram.

Jeff Wilson

Photo via @jeffwilsonphoto on Instagram.


Photo via @sh._.y on Instagram.

Christopher V Sherman

Photo via @cvsherman on Instagram.

Lyndon Core

Photo via @lyndoco on Instagram.

Matt Crump

Photo via @mattcrump on Instagram.

If you loved the photos just as much as we did, give the photographers a follow to show support!

Featured photo courtesy of Matt Crump (@mattcrump)

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