- September 20, 2018

Here’s Where To Watch Your Favorite Football Team In Austin 2018

Another NFL season is underway, making our Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays a whole lot more entertaining. With so many transplants from all over the country, from students to tech workers, along with the fact that Austin doesn’t have its own pro football team, a lot of teams across the AFC and NFC are represented by fans in the ATX. So, where to watch football in Austin? That is the question!

While there are lots of options listed in this guide, there is one that stands above all the rest. When in doubt, we suggest spending your football day at Rusty Cannon Pub. This south Austin gem has plenty of TVs showing all the games, very reasonable beer and liquor prices (with service industry discounts every day!), and their selection of bar food is impossible to beat south of the river (brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, too). They also sponsored this here list because they are just that committed to the local football scene, so if you find this info helpful then you can thank them even if you’re going to watch a game somewhere else. 

Where To Watch Football In Austin

Brought to you by Rusty Cannon Pub!

AFC East

Miami Dolphins fans don’t seem to have a specific place to rest their fins this season, but if you’re not looking to float around to different places, find your own home at Rusty Cannon Pub.   

New York Jets fans will enjoy the best chicken wings in Austin (according to the judges of the 2018 Austin Chicken Wing Festival) at Wingzup while watching their games. They’ll also enjoy $3 bottled beers on Sundays and other great beer specials on Thursdays and Mondays.

Parlor & Yard is where you’ll find a huge gathering of the Austin Buffalo Bills Backers — they’ve added more shade and fans so the Texas heat isn’t quite so bad for the watch parties. A smaller group can also be found at Nickel City, which has game day specials including Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian.

Fans of the New England Patriots don’t need to feel deflated about not having a watch spot — there are three this year! Edwin’s Sports Bar downtown hosts viewers from the Austin New England Patriots Fans Meetup group. Meanwhile Austin meets Boston at B.D. Riley’s (both locations), which boasts a fan club of more than 800 people! Finally, The Ranch claims it has the biggest and best Pats watch party, organized by Hi5 Watch Parties (it’s been there for five years now). Doors open at 11 a.m. for fans to find a seat and get busy drinking and cheering.

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AFC West

Denver Broncos watchers will feel right at home at The Local Pub & Patio on Guadalupe — the owner of the bar is also a diehard Broncos fan and a member of this Meetup group who gathers there. You can also find the Broncoholics on Facebook. $3 Bloody Marys before 2 p.m. help those Sundays get started right.

North Austin Oakland Raiders fans can also join the Silver & Black of Central Texas official fanclub “for real Raiders fans” at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.


Kansas City Chiefs fans can mingle with other arrowheads at The Tavern. Those up north can also join others from this Meetup group at 3rd Base in Round Rock for $4 Miller Lites and Fireballs.

The San Diego Charger contingent of fans seems to be without a home this year, bolting around town to different venues. Keep an eye on this Facebook page to see where they’ll be this week, or just find yourself a nice stool at Rusty Cannon Pub and get comfy.


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens fans can find their flock at the Raven’s Nest 512 at Lavaca St Bar – South Lamar. Wear your Ravens gear for $15 domestic buckets and all day happy hour.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Austin meets at The Local Post Pub on Burnet Rd— not to be confused with The Local Pub & Patio — those Broncos fans may throw some looks your way when you walk in with your Steelers jersey. According to organizer Jackie Huba, the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Austin hosts anywhere from 100-200 fans per game, and they’ve been doing so for 10 years now. If you’re looking to stay downtown to watch games, join other fans at Shiner’s Saloon.


Cincinatti Bengals fans may be wondering Where Dey come game day, but they have yet to figure out where they’ll be watching permanently. They’re prowling around town, trying out different spots, so be sure to check the Bengals Watch Party page to find out where they are each week.

Arguably the most dedicated fans in the NFL, the Texas Capital Area Browns Backers have settled in at Buford’s on West 6th to watch their team hopefully have a better season than the last few.


AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars fans haven’t found a home just yet (as of week 2) because they need more fans to settle into their own bar. They’re prowling around town to different bars right now, including having fun crashing the watch parties of their rivals! Check the Austin – Jacksonville Jaguars Watch Party page to see where they are each week.

Another AFC South team is still looking for their home bar, as well, so Indianapolis Colts fans should keep an eye on the Indianapolis Colts Watch Party page for weekly updates.

Of course there are plenty of Houston Texans fans in Austin (yet, sadly, they don’t yet outnumber Cowboys fans), and the Austin Texans Fan Group (currently numbering over 1,700 on Facebook) watch games at Maggie Mae’s. Fans can also find the game, as well as Houston’s 8th Wonder beers on special, at Craftsman.

The Tennessee Titans contingent has previously watched games at Mister Tramps and Aussie’s, but also don’t seem to have a home for the 2018-2019 season. Boy, where’s the love for AFC South?


NFC East

Most bars in Austin that aren’t already designated for another team are Dallas Cowboys bars — this is Texas, after all. But specific bars to find some Cowboy love include Dogwood West 6th, The Tipsy Pizza, The Yellow Rose, and Mister Tramps. Of course, if you’re hungry you’re probably better off going to Rusty Cannon Pub and biting down on some of their amazing bar food, which is seriously some of the best in town.

The Austin Washington Redskins Meetup Group has been cheering for their team at Black Sheep Lodge (mmmmm, cheese curdssss) on South Lamar, and will continue to do so this season. In addition, they’ve got another group together to watch at McArthur’s in Lakeway so that North Austin fans have additional options. Aussie’s is also playing host to Redskins fans this year.

The ATX Big Blue Nation is having a hard time finding a home for New York Giants to cheer on their team, mostly due to the low attendance of the previous year, so they’ll be wandering around town, as well. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be watching each week.

The Austin-Philadelphia Eagles Watch Party is at Basecamp (after a couple of early snafus)
At Mister Tramps, fans of the current champions will find beer specials, a revamped menu, and their full back room reserved for Austin’s Eagles Nest.


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals fans will need to head to Red’s Porch Quarry Lake to enjoy the game with other birds of a feather.

You’ll find the official Seattle Seahawks Booster Club, The Austin, Texas 21s, cheering loudly at Common Interest Karaoke Bar in North Austin. There they have an amazing staff and an entire wall of the venue dedicated to the Seahawks and their fans. North Austin fans can also check out the newest watch location at Fire and Ice Pizza Bar and enjoy one of their insanely concocted pies during a game.

Also, if you’ve ever walked around West 6th St during football season, there’s no way that you’ve missed that Little Woodrow’s downtown is a tried and true Seahawks bar.

No luck finding a watch group for Los Angeles Rams or San Francisco 49ers fans though. Sorry, y’all!


NFC North

Chicago Bears fans in North Austin can come in from the cold to watch their game at Finley’s with the North Austin Chicago Sports Fans Watch Party. Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden provides a central ATX location, especially great when the weather is nice. Also, Pluckers in round Rock is also a great spot for Bears fans to cuddle up in front of a TV with a plate full of wings. The owner of Rusty Cannon Pub is also a Bears guy, so head over there for some amazing food and good conversation.

Apparently the Packers are nearly as popular as the Cowboys in the ATX, as their fans also gather at at least five other bars. LT Corner Pub in Lakeway shows all games, but they’re definitely Packers fans over there — hell, their website is yellow and green! Shooters on 620 is an officials Packers Fan Cave, Round Rock Tavern cheers on the cheese at their location. Finally, Billy’s on Burnet is also a great spot for Pack fans, with Austin Beerworks Green and Gold Hoppy Lager now on draft.

Finally, if you like to hang out downtown for games, Star Bar and their INSANE Hail Mary Bloody Mary (and $15 domestic buckets) is definitely the spot. Online reservations are encouraged.



Detroit Lions fans will be roaring along with the Michigan crowds at Haymaker with the Detroit Lions Watch Group. They’ll also be enjoying $2 off pitchers of beer, $2 mimosas, and $3 bloody marys and red sangria on Sundays.

The Minnesota Vikings – Austin, Texas Fanclub meets up at Warehouse Billiard Bar in south Austin. For those Sunday games fans can save some cash by ordering their $2 mimosas and $3 bloody marys. Hang out after the game to enjoy their extensive array of bar games, pool tables, shuffleboard, and more.


NFC South

Fans of the almighty Who Dat chant know they can find New Orleans Saints games served up with ice cold Abita beer and amazing cajun food at Shoal Creek Saloon and St. Roch’s. North Austin fans can also cheer for the black and gold at Pluckers Lakeline with this Meetup group.

It makes sense that we have so many Saints fans in Austin, since New Orleans is so close and we have so many post-Katrina settlers in Austin. It also helps that Drew Brees is from Westlake!


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Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden on 6th Street is now home to the Carolina Panthers watch parties. That means there’s plenty of room for fans to run around doing Cam’s Superman gestures and dabs after a few too many beers. Via 313 will also be on site, serving up their tasty deep dish.

Atlanta Falcons fans can find fellow Dirty Birds (oops, is my love for the Saints showing?) at their new meetup space at The Tavern.

And even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing well, they don’t seem to have a home or an active Facebook group this year.

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