10 Famous Austinites Who Also Make Great Dads

Celebrities may not get to relax and spend time with their kids in the same way that the rest of us do, but most of them are really doing their best to make parenting and their chosen profession really work. Some play great dads on the screen, while others play the role of dad on their team. So in honor of Father’s Day, here are 10 famous Austinites who also make great dads…

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Drew Brees

The father of four tweeted this adorable selfie after the birth of his daughter in 2014.

Even though the Super Bowl winning quarterback can be pretty darn busy during football season, he still manages to make his kids a priority. He told Huffington Post, “For the most part, I structure my day around, “OK, when are they going to be awake? When am I going to be with them?” I try to be there for them at night to read them a book before they go to bed on the busy days, so we have our moments.”

The Westlake High School grad definitely isn’t shy about bragging on his kids online. Just check out his Instagram page.

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