Vampires And Fat, Beware: Buffy Boot Camp Comes To Austin

“I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now, you and me are gonna show ‘em why.”

For any fans of Joss Whedon’s big and little screen heroine Buffy Summers, that quote can stir up some serious emotions. For Faye Fearless, it’s quotes like those that inspired her to create what is likely to soon become one of Austin’s coolest, most sought after fitness classes, the Buffy Boot Camp.

“I was always inspired while watching Buffy,”Fearless said. “I wanted to fight, I wanted to slay, to prove myself and feel strong and powerful like Buffy. I created this event because I wanted to train to be a slayer and there was no where to do that yet.”

Fearless hosted two Buffy Boot Camp events in May. Classes included kickboxing and self defense that wrapped up into a live action role play game themed after “The Harvest,” the second episode of Season 1 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” That’s right, you can LARP in public and still be cool.

Photo courtesy of Faye Fearless

Fearless originally came up with the idea for the class in summer of 2015, then workshopped the concept with a few friends who are big Buffy fans.

“Buffy is an amazing character,” Fearless added. “She could kick ass and save the world. She was strong, brave, fearless, and she never gave up. To me that’s what a slayer is and what I wanted to inspire others to become. I want to teach women to be fearless and confident in themselves every day, in every situation, and around any person including partners, family, and friends.”


“Hi I’m Buffy….. and you are history.”

Each class can accommodate up to 50 people, and both events sold out in a matter of days. Due to the success of the first classes, Buffy Boot Camp will continue, with each new month bringing a new slayer training class and new LARP game. June will see one more kickboxing/self defense class on June 19, as well as a vampire staking class where participants will carve and design their own stakes before learning to use them on June 25. That’s right, slayers in training will leave class with their own version of Mr. Pointy.

There will also be a punning competition, because what’s a Buffy celebration without a little wordplay? The overall best performer in class – the best slayer in precision, speed, and punning will be crowned Class Protector.

A San Antonio class was also just added to the June calendar, so if you’re outside of Austin or just can’t wait until the 19th, check out the June 15 class in the Alamo City.

It is worth noting that Fearless is not a certified trainer, so be sure to enroll in the class with that in mind. However, her background in kickboxing, hiking, and yoga combined with her love for Buffy make her plenty qualified to show Austin a thing or two.


“There’s nothing we can’t face…except for bunnies.”

“We teach basic form for kickboxing moves and provide tips to keep attendees from injuring themselves but our focus for this class is not on form,” Fearless said. “We aim to prepare potential slayers for real world scenarios where they will be tested not in form but in creativity, bravery, and quick wit.”

“A slayer is more than her moves and training,” Fearless continued. “She is aware of her surroundings and knows how to use them to her advantage. She strategizes quickly and in the moment, she works with others, but is still independent and driven. She knows her own power, and doesn’t underestimate the strength of her enemies. We train potentials to be slayers, to face their demons, to never give up, and understand how to use their power and strengths.”

If you’re looking to fight your own Big Bads, or maybe just have some fun or get in shape or meet new Buffy fans, this is the place for you. To keep up to date on new classes, be sure to follow the Buffy Boot Camp event page on Facebook.