- March 29, 2017

These 10 East Austin Happy Hours Have What You Need

To say East Austin is changing would be an understatement. What was once the most economically depressed part of the city is on the rise. Long time residents have mixed feelings about the gentrification happening all around them, but one thing is certain: the east side has a diverse array of restaurants and bars ranging from long-time holes-in-the-wall to brand new gourmet restaurants where a reservation is a must unless you want to eat right before closing time.

Happy hour is a great time to sample the dining establishments and watering holes east of Interstate 35. Next time you’re looking for a spot to kick back after a day’s work, try one of these East Austin happy hours.

10.) Quickie Pickie

Quickie Pickie embodies the feel of East Austin. Owner Zahir Prasla makes sure of that. “Part convenience grocery, part café, part beer joint, we are a hybrid uniquely suited to our neighborhood in the same way the bodegas of the northeast, the packed little colmados of Latin America, and the bar-tabacs of Paris and Marseille are uniquely suited to theirs,” he says.

Thursday night at Quickie Pickie is the time to clue yourself into new brews. Each week, they feature a different brewery with cheap pours, free swag, and a chance to chat with the biggest beer nerds in Austin.

1208 East 11th Street and 2027 East Cesar Chavez Street; Thursday pint night