These East Austin Breakfasts Are Totally Worth Waking Up Early For

East Austin is ground zero for fantastic Mexican food. And while you can certainly get out-of-this-world breakfast tacos and migas, East Austin has much more to offer. Even healthy food! Sure, we’ll tell you where to get some of the best Mexican breakfasts in the ATX, but don’t pass over the other places in our guide to the best East Austin breakfasts.

10. Paco’s Tacos

Tacos not on Tacos Tuesday 🌮

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We told you East Austin has strong Mexican food places, so we’re starting this list with one. Paco’s Tacos has an all-star line-up of signature tacos, and you can’t go wrong there. The migas taco is only $1.99 before 11 a.m. Now, that’s muy generoso!

If you’re in an adventurous mood, try the Rise & Shine (a sandwich made with a layer of refried beans, topped with bacon, cheese, poblano peppers and a fried egg plus a side of potatoes) or the Bacon Gordita (a thick corn tortilla pocket filled with a blend of scrambled egg, seasoned potatoes, bacon). They have all the flavors you come to expect in a Mexican breakfast put together in creative ways.

Address: 1304 East 51st Street