What Every Newcomer Needs to Know About Life in Austin


So you want to move to Austin? Or maybe you already have? As unhappy as the people of Austin are about all the transplants, it seems it cannot be stopped. Plus, life in Austin is amazing, why wouldn’t you people want to move here? If you are new, there are a few things you should know about living in the city that keeps it weird.

Our friend and Austin.com contributor Exploring Amanda is your official (unofficial) one-person welcome committee. She is here to spill the (sweet) tea on what you need to know about living in Austin as a newbie.

Here’s What Every Newcomer Needs to Know About Life in Austin:

How to Drive Like A Local

You might think that Texas has so much space that traffic can’t possibly be that bad. You’re wrong. It is that bad, especially in Austin. I-35 is Austin’s main highway and it is always, and we mean always, under construction. Expect lots of unexpected traffic. If you’re lucky you might find an alternative route for you daily commute using a traffic app.

Check out our post dedicated to Austin traffic memes that perfectly explains the traffic here.

Here is an sample:

Photo via @Texashumor

Laugh your way into rush hour with the full article – click here.

How to Eat Like A Local

Nobody does barbecue like Texas does barbecue and Austin is bursting with top notch bbq joints! It’s a way of life here. But there are a few ways you can mess up as a newbie, actually one – don’t ask for sauce. Seriously.

If you’re looking for a BBQ bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Find our post about the best barbecue in Austin here. Consider it a starting point.

Need more BBQ in your life? Just outside of Austin is the town of Lockhart, which just happens to be the barbecue capital of Texas. You can plan your visit here.

How to Talk Like A Local

We promise that the pronunciation of streets and cities isn’t a joke we play on the newcomers. BUT you will most likely get laughed at or side eyed for saying them wrong. Listen we might be saying them wrong but the locals are always right. Plus what did you expect from a city that’s mantra is “Keep Austin Weird?”

Here’s a prime example of the pronunciation issue:

Confused? Lucky for you we have a guide to help you out! You can find it here.

How to Embrace the Crazy Weather Like A Local

You have probably heard of our crazy hot summers but that’s only part of the can of worms that is Texas weather. The weather here is a complex subject. We might get all four seasons in one day. So here’s one final tips from us to you; wear layers and never put away your summer or winter clothes. You never know when you’re going to need them.

We wish we were exaggerating but here’s a little taste of the weather here:

If you want further proof that our weather is crazy, click here.

Welcome to Austin y’all! And remember if you’re from California, don’t tell anyone you’re from California. We’re joking… kinda.

Good luck!

Watch Amanda explain it all here:

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