- February 26, 2024

Top Places Near Austin You Must Visit


Curious about the best day trips or weekend getaways from the capital of Texas? From tranquil nature preserves to dynamic, historic districts, we reveal the places near Austin you must visit to truly experience Central Texas’s diversity. Dive in to discover where adventure and cultural enrichment lie just a short drive away, all handpicked for travelers like you eager to expand their Austin adventures.

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Exploring the Heart of Texas Hill Country

Nestled just a stone’s throw from the bustling center of Austin, Texas Hill Country unveils an oasis brimming with picturesque landscapes and homespun allure. The area offers spectacular vistas and an ambiance that radiates serenity, making it an essential destination for aficionados of nature and those keen on outdoor adventures.

Begin your journey into the essence of Hill Country by exploring towns like Fredericksburg and Marble Falls, each serving as quintessential examples of what this enchanting region has to offer.

Fredericksburg: A Sip of History

Fredericksburg is a not so hidden treasure renowned for its delightful wine experiences. With more than 50 wineries on hand, this haven promises to impress even the most sophisticated wine aficionado. 

Whether indulging in tastings or embarking on vineyard tours, visitors have plenty of chances to relish the regional tastes and gain insight into the artistry behind winemaking.

Marble Falls: Nature’s Canvas

Situated merely an hour from Austin, Marble Falls presents a delightful appeal for outdoors enthusiasts. The area features numerous activities that contribute to its charm and draw adventurers worldwide.

Visitors to Marble Falls can partake in: Boating, fishing, golfing, hiking, biking, and more. Adventure awaits those who venture into Marble Falls!

Austin’s Natural Wonders: Swimming Holes and State Parks

Just outside the city limits of Austin, a treasure trove of natural beauty is poised for discovery. The tranquil Hamilton Pool Preserve and the exhilarating trails for hikes and biking at Pedernales Falls State Park represent just a few of the exceptional experiences available.

Hamilton Pool Preserve: Oasis of Serenity

Situated in Dripping Springs, the Hamilton Pool Preserve offers a breathtaking view. It features a calm oasis, with its dome collapsing from an underground river to create a jade-green swimming hole complemented by a 50-foot waterfall, nurturing abundant biodiversity. 

Pedernales Falls State Park: Trails and Falls

Outdoor aficionados seeking a wilderness adventure will find Pedernales Falls State Park an alluring destination. 

Situated near Austin, the state park boasts picturesque pathways that welcome both novice wanderers and experienced trekkers, providing an ideal setting for individuals passionate about nature’s allure at any experience level.

The Allure of Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Lady Bird Lake, and Zilker Park are two urban treasures offering a vast array of leisure pursuits. From engaging workouts to peaceful nature excursions, these locations promise unforgettable experiences for health buffs and those who revel in the great outdoors.

A Stroll Down South Congress Avenue

Take in the distinctive allure of Austin by meandering along South Congress Avenue, commonly referred to as SoCo. This lively district is a central spot for foot traffic where visitors can discover an array of one-of-a-kind stores and boutiques featuring artisanal goods from Texas, such as custom-made cowboy boots and hats.

Old Austin Motel Sign

Unwinding at Lake Travis and Lake Austin

Shift gears and find tranquility in the peaceful environment of Lake Austin and Lake Travis. These well-liked destinations provide various recreational options, including water sports, boating, fishing, and picnicking, all enveloped by the breathtaking scenery that defines Austin’s natural landscape.

Artistic Retreats: Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Blanton Museum

Art enthusiasts in Austin are treated to exceptional havens like the Blanton Museum and Umlauf Sculpture Garden, where they can immerse themselves in various artistic expressions. These destinations showcase an array of art forms spanning from contemporary European and American pieces to the creations of Charles Umlauf, a renowned 20th-century American sculptor. They offer visitors a unique opportunity to engage with various artworks encompassing Latin American art.

The Thrill of Live Music Capital: Venues and Festivals

Austin, often heralded as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World®,’ lives up to its name by providing a vibrant music scene with numerous venues featuring live music performances nightly. 

Iconic spots like the Broken Spoke and Paramount Theatre create an atmosphere ripe for memorable musical moments.

Historical Exploration at the State Capitol and LBJ Library

For history enthusiasts, the State Capitol and LBJ Library provide a comprehensive exploration of the heritage of Texas. These notable sites present an insight into the historical importance of the state and its respected position within the Union.

Adventure Awaits in New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Adrenaline enthusiasts will find their perfect adventure at New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Waterpark, where river tubing and exhilarating water attractions offer a rush for both thrill-seekers and family visitors.

San Antonio’s Rich Heritage

Just beyond the outskirts of Austin, the storied past of San Antonio beckons. With its historic significance, sites such as the Alamo and the River Walk in San Antonio provide a window into the city’s historical narrative. There’s event some free fun to be had there!

Gruene Historic District: A Step Back in Time

A short journey from Austin will take you to a bygone era in the Gruene Historic District. Celebrated for its authentic flavor. Texas allure, this area draws guests both domestically and abroad, epitomizing the quintessence of small-town life in Texas.