Everything You Need to Know About Onion Creek Metropolitan Park


We’re doing a deep dive into the best parks and green spaces in Austin. The city’s parks give you the perfect area to relax, play, picnic, and unplug for the afternoon!

Before we get started, we want to remind you that with the continued presence of Covid-19, it’s best to stay away from crowded spaces. We encourage you to consider the safety of yourself and your neighbors. Our park features will remain online as a reference that you can access when you are able to safely experience the location.

Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about Onion Creek Park!


Onion Creek is one of Austin’s largest metropolitan parks, at a whopping 390 acres. With plenty of room to hike and explore, this park is a great place to bring your dog and kids. There is also a creek that occasionally fills up with water after it rains so you can cool off. There are also plenty of pocket parks within the large metro park so it never feels crowded. Wooded areas provide picnic  areas that are perfect for an afternoon lunch. Additionally, there are bathrooms on-site for public use. 


Onion Creek Metro Park is tucked in South Austin, just East of I-35, off South Pleasant Valley. Surrounding neighborhoods are South Creek, Franklin Park, Onion Creek and Perkins Valley. Onion Creek Metro Park sits just south of the Onion Creek Greenbelt area, that offers a small playground, more hiking trails, and beautiful nature scapes. 


Onion Creek has a 3.6 mile trail loop that features gorgeous wild flowers and is very easy to walk on. As you walk, you can take in the surrounding nature, bird watch, and look for wildlife. Elevation gain throughout the trail is a max of 75-feet so it’s accessible for athletic levels. Onion Creek is also an open riding area maintained by the local Friends of Onion Creek so you may see some horses on your walk!

Photo Courtesy of @whnthmollyhits


With all the space and easy walking trails, Onion Creek is very kid-friendly! While there are not any playgrounds on site, you can take sports equipment to play with. Just north of the park is Onion Creek Greenbelt which does have a small playscape for kiddos.


Onion Creek is super dog-friendly! The park features a dog specific area, called Dog Park Blue on the North East tip of Onion Creek. Dogs can run around, off-leash, on this 106-acre property. The area is completely unfenced and is close to the creek for swimming. There are not any water fountains so be sure to bring your own water for your pup. Poop bags are provided via dispensers scattered throughout the park and trails. 



Onion Creek Soccer Complex is located just North East of the park and features ten full-size soccer fields with goals. Saturdays and Sundays can be busy with league games of all ages. 

Featured photo courtesy of @V.A.Ray

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