- March 11, 2014

Exploring Bee Cave Sculpture Park


I really like Bee Cave.  The fifteen minute drive from Austin is rural and relaxing.  Once there, you can go shopping at the Galleria, cool off at the splash pad, or check out the great children’s section at Laura’s library.  Drive a little further, and you can visit Hamilton Pool and Reimer’s Ranch.  It was fun to discover the other day that Bee Cave also has a unique picnic spot.  The Bee Cave Sculpture Park is tucked away on a seven-acre nature setting across from the police department.

 Since the park was only recently created, the collection of sculptures is small – about ten – but there were lots of shouts of “Hey, Mom, come look at this!” as my kids explored the park.  By far, their favorite feature is the whimsical frog with wings.  He’s a three-dimensional mosaic made with broken ceramics, and he just begs to be climbed on!

The wind was blowing that day; so we were able to see the wooden bird sculpture flap his wings.

The beehive with brass bees is a tribute to the origin of the town’s name.
Lots of textures and things for little fingers to explore.
For our picnic, I sat at the table looking out to the picturesque pond (one of two tables), while the kids ate their food, perched on top of several of the sculptures.

We noticed a gravel-paved trail disappearing into the woods, and decided to find out where it led.  After a little ways, a deer crossed a few yards ahead of us on the path.  Eventually, the path took us to another small pond, this one behind some of the stores at the Galleria.  The kids threw a few sticks and stones into the pond, and we headed back.

As a special bonus for our visit, we happened to be at the park when an emergency was announced on the loudspeaker at the fire station (right next to the police station).  We got to see our tax money at work (well, not ours, but the good folk of Bee Cave) as the firemen raced out to the fire engine, threw on their overalls, and sped away with their sirens blaring.  Quite exciting for my two-year-old son!

There are plans to acquire new sculptures for the park in the future, and even talk of constructing a giant children’s playarium someday.

For more information about the park, visit this site.

Bee Cave Sculpture Park
At the intersection of Highway 71 and Highway 620.
Enter The Shops at this intersection, and take your first right.