- August 9, 2016

Watch Mayor Steve Adler Literally Dance The Two-Step To Get You To Understand His Omnibus Resolution


As September approaches and the state government returns from its summer recess, some tough decisions will need to be made. Fear not, because Mayor Adler is ready to two-step up to the plate to bat for us!

Facing the fall session are recommendations from Mayor Adler’s Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution, aimed at addressing issues affecting the arts scene in Austin. Hot topics include income-inequality, affordable housing, permitting, and so much more.

While two-stepping at The Broken Spoke in the arms of CW Austin‘s hilarious Entertainment Reporter, Joe Barlow, Mayor Adler didn’t half-step about the bill. Adler strongly believes that the Omnibus Resolution is necessary to cultivate the arts here in Austin, without losing track of why we’re doing so.

In the footage above, Barlow questioned the mayor about the Resolution’s goals, to which Adler replied:

The Resolution is designed to help build the music and art ecosystem, so that we can preserve it. It’s about using the tools that the city has or can develop to make it so that artists can afford to live in the city.

Barlow pressed the Mayor on the strength of the bill, asking, “Some people are saying this [Resolution] may not be aggressive enough. What do you say to those people?” To which Alder calmly responded:

I think that it is a white-board, and if it’s not aggressive enough, we need to make it more aggressive.

Though some locals have worked tirelessly to provide transparency during discussions about the bill, and city council meetings were open to the public, the city could still use your input. Contact the Mayor and your local City Council Member today to weigh in on the future of culture and art in the ATX. Let them know what the Omnibus Resolution means for the city you love!

To learn about the Mayor’s “caboose” as he two-steps his way through the weirdest interview ever, check out the video from KXAN above. And, if that wasn’t enough Barlow and Adler, here’s a little bit more wackiness: