- March 27, 2023

Here’s What Kiefer Sutherland Loves About Austin


When Kiefer Sutherland came to Austin for SXSW, we got to chat with the Emmy Award winner about his new Paramount+ series “Rabbit Hole.” Of course, we couldn’t sit down with the actor/ musician without asking him about his thoughts on Austin.

Here’s What Kiefer Sutherland Loves About Austin!

Before digging into the details of his new spy series, we asked Sutherland about the ATX, knowing he’s played gigs here numerous times over the years.

It’s a daunting place to come play because there are so many great musicians here. And so many great musicians that have come through the city and certainly have made their name here in Austin. Actually, just play Texas all year round and make a really good living at it. It’s one of the few states that I know that has a music circuit that is actually sustainable. So I’ve always thought that was really cool.

– Kiefer Sutherland

And that’s not all! He also praised the people and the food saying, “Every time I’ve come through here to play people have been really really kind and generous. And then the food is really good.”

You can read more about our interview with Sutherland and the cast and creators of Rabbit Hole here.

Sutherland’s new series “Rabbit Hole” is described like this: Nothing is what it seems when John Weir, master of corporate espionage, finds himself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy. After uncovering a dangerous plot by powerful forces with the ability to control populations and subvert democracy, Weir is framed for murder and put on the run, trying to figure out who and what is real in a reality turned upside down. As a man who deals in mistrust and deception, can John Weir trust a team of unlikely allies to outwit an enemy with deep ties to his past and who’s bent on using our own data against us? John Weir must navigate a world of surveillance, misinformation and manipulation to uncover the man at the center of the plot and stop him before it’s too late.

The first two episodes of “Rabbit Hole” are available now on Paramount+. New episodes are released weekly on Sundays.

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