Got That Hangry Feeling? These 10 North Austin Breakfast Places Are For You

There are two types of people in the world — morning people, and people who hit the snooze button seven times before begrudgingly rolling out of bed. The bleary-eyed sort usually have that dreaded mix of hunger and anger once they’ve somewhat snapped to their senses. Stay clear of the path between them and their coffee.

North Austin has plenty of places to ease your hangry feeling. Whether you’re up and at ‘em before the sun comes up or you’re not sure your clock has an 8 a.m., these 10 north Austin breakfast places are sure to make you as chipper as an Austin commuter who made it to work before rush hour.

10. Tacodeli

Is this you when those tacos drop?

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Torchy’s Tacos gets more buzz around town than Tacodeli, but don’t mistake the difference in hype to indicate a difference in quality. Like its bedeviled competitor, Tacodeli started in Austin and has expanded its goodness to other Texas cities. For breakfast, try El Popeye or The Vaquero for a new spin on the classic breakfast taco. If you’re feeling exceptionally hungry, try the Migas Royale Plate: migas, queso, jack cheese, avocado, pico de gallo, with sides of Tacodeli potatoes, organic refried black beans, queso fresco, and tortillas.

Address: 12001 Burnet Road

9. donut 7

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Why would you go to a national chain donut store when you can go to a local donut shop? Check out donut 7 next time you have the craving for a glazed donut or a pig-in-the-blanket. Start your cheat day right!

Address: 11005 Burnet Road, Suite 104

8. El Tacorrido

No need to wait for #TacoTuesday because El Tacorrido serves up breakfast tacos all day. Build your own to suit your mood. Load it up, and chow down!

Address: 9320 North Lamar Boulevard

7. Ken’s Subs, Tacos & More

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The name Ken’s Subs, Tacos & More doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But you’ll definitely want the food on your tongue. The menu is full of simple, familiar foods. Nothing fancy here. Just order your go-to breakfast dish, and Ken’s will satisfy you.

Address: 9408 Dessau Road

6. Papalote Taco House

Build your own breakfast tacos any time of day at Papalote Taco House. They have all your favorite toppings and more that’ll tempt you to be adventurous in curating your taco experience. Try interesting toppings like chicharon, cactus, calabaza, and poblano peppers. You just might make your own signature taco!

Address: 13219 Research Boulevard, Suite 100

5. Cafe Java

Of course, the coffee is great at Cafe Java, but don’t miss out on their food. Alongside your caffeinated beverage of choice, try one of their border platters such as their Migas Platter: scrambled eggs and corn chips covered with cheddar cheese served with a side of ranchero sauce and two slices of bacon.

Address: 11900 Metric Blvd, Suite K

4. Taco Shack

When they name the place Taco Shack, the tacos better be killer. And they are! The signature taco here is actually a breakfast taco called the Shack Taco: a flour tortilla filled with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, and cheese. Or if you’re feeling your Texas pride, go for the Texan: fajita beef and eggs on a corn or flour tortilla.

Address: 12439 Metric Boulevard

3. Vazquez Restaurant

In the minds of many Austin taco lovers, the tortilla makes the taco. At Vazquez Restaurant, the tortillas are stellar. Their salsa is the kind you only find at hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants — super hot and flavorful. Throw that in your taco, and your eyes will roll back in bliss.

Address: 9063 Research Boulevard

2. Kiefer’s Cafe & Catering

If you want a breakfast place that knows your name like on the hit ’80s television show “Cheers,” become a regular at Kiefer’s Cafe & Catering. They’re only open 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, so get on down there to try their wide selection of breakfast plates. Just trying them all will make you a regular.

Address: 2007 Kramer Lane, Suite 105

1. Second Bar + Kitchen

So far, this list of North Austin breakfast places has been filled with mostly taco places and greasy spoon dives. We’re ending the list with a fancier entry: the Domain location of Second Bar + Kitchen. We dare say you’ll want to make this place your new Saturday morning date spot. One of their most tempting plates is the SBK Benedict which is made up of poached eggs, hash brown potato cakes, tomato, garlic spinach, and brie cheese mornay. You should also try the steak and eggs which has grilled flank steak, over easy eggs, home fries, and chimichurri.

Address: 3121 Palm Way, Suite 101


Featured photo: Huevos Rancheros Plate from Taco Shack, courtesy Taco Shack.