- July 31, 2018

Got That Hangry Feeling? These 10 North Austin Breakfast Places Are For You


There are two types of people in the world — morning people, and people who hit the snooze button seven times before begrudgingly rolling out of bed. The bleary-eyed sort usually have that dreaded mix of hunger and anger once they’ve somewhat snapped to their senses. Stay clear of the path between them and their coffee.

North Austin has plenty of places to ease your hangry feeling. Whether you’re up and at ‘em before the sun comes up or you’re not sure your clock has an 8 a.m., these 10 north Austin breakfast places are sure to make you as chipper as an Austin commuter who made it to work before rush hour.

10. Tacodeli

Is this you when those tacos drop?

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Torchy’s Tacos gets more buzz around town than Tacodeli, but don’t mistake the difference in hype to indicate a difference in quality. Like its bedeviled competitor, Tacodeli started in Austin and has expanded its goodness to other Texas cities. For breakfast, try El Popeye or The Vaquero for a new spin on the classic breakfast taco. If you’re feeling exceptionally hungry, try the Migas Royale Plate: migas, queso, jack cheese, avocado, pico de gallo, with sides of Tacodeli potatoes, organic refried black beans, queso fresco, and tortillas.

Address: 12001 Burnet Road