The Tiniest Park in Austin Is Also The Most Festive! Here’s Why You Should Visit BEPI Park


It’s no secret that our city’s slogan is Keep Austin Weird, and this tiny park may be a secret to you! BEPI Park is hailed as the “Tiniest park in Austin” and it’s worth paying a visit. Located at the Baylor Enfield Parkway Intersection, it’s right around the corner from Pease Park.

Area residents take great pride in their little park and keep it looking picture perfect. In fact, there’s currently a Christmas display where you can snap your family photos. There’s even a bench in place to help with the snap-worthy set up.

How did the park come to be?

The park was originally created as a simple traffic median where three roads connect. But in 2017, neighbors decided to work with city officials to create something colorful and happy, turning a drab piece on concrete into a uniquely #soaustin spot.

Where is BEPI Park located exactly?

You can find BEPI Park at 1101 Enfield Road. If you search BEPI Park in your iPhone map, it even auto-populates! And here we thought the park was a secret.

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