- July 14, 2021

5 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Taking A Texas Road Trip This Summer


We already shared tips on how to stay calm when traveling via airplane. Now, we’re talking about taking a road trip! All that time in the car is sure to raise your anxiety level – and probably try your patience as well.

Wellness expert and Austin.com contributor Gustavo Padron is back to share some techniques to help keep your cool on the road.

Here Are 5 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Taking A Road Trip This Summer

  1. Mentally prepare yourself for the trip. Visualize yourself getting to your destination healthy and happy. Visualization is a powerful tool that you can use to foster a positive mindset.
  2. Make a bomb playlist, download a podcast, or an audible book. Spending a ton of time on the road can feel boring and lonely. Dance and sing your little heart out with a fun playlist or use this time to learn something new from a podcast/ book.
  3. Pack your favorite snacks. If long road trips make you feel uneasy, having your favorite snacks handy will make the trip much more enjoyable. I am currently obsessed with the Almond Butter Pretzels from Trader Joe’s. And, of course, there’s always Bucc-ees to help with ALL your road trip needs.
  4. Take a pit stop every few hours to walk around and stretch. Keeping your body limber and flexible will keep your blood and energy flowing freely.
  5. Rest! When you get tired, pull over to a rest stop and take a nap. If your trip is more than eight hours, you should consider spending the night at a hotel to decompress before you get to your destination. Don’t push yourself! Remember – your trip should be fun and enjoyable.

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