- March 7, 2016

Check Out Our 2016 Zilker Kite Fest Photos!


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Austin knows how to hold a festival, and the 2016 Zilker Kite Festival on Sunday was no exception. Thousands of people flew kites, relaxed on the lawn and soaked in the beautiful Austin weather.

Young, old and even dogs flew kites. Yes, dogs. One obedient little guy let his owner affix the end of the string to his back, and the kite trailed behind as he ran to his owner.

You didn’t even have to enter a contest to fly a kite. Most people sat on their picnic blankets with their kites just a few feet overhead. But the contests were something to behold, especially the largest kite contest. These behemoths had to stay up in the air for at least 60 seconds, and teams only had three tries to get their kites up. Propelling them up in the air took several people, and keeping them in the air was quite the task, too.

The festival is held by The Exchange Club of Austin. They’ve told Austinites to go fly a kite since 1929. Even though entry to the festival is free for all, proceeds from sales within the festival go toward Communities In Schools of Central Texas which works to prevent kids from dropping out of school.

Were you out among the thousands of kites? We might have snapped your picture. See if we caught you by clicking through the gallery above!

Feature photo: Courtesy, Jenni Roberts Photography.