- September 2, 2016

ACL Eats Brings Austin Bites to Zilker Park

Coming to Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival often means that you don’t have time to do too much else, which is a shame when you’re headed to one of the country’s best cities for food. We’ve got the best food carts, the best ramen, the best tacos, and just some really great food in general, so it’s great that our guests don’t even have to leave Zilker Park to taste some of the best eats that our city has to offer. ACL just announced its full list of food and (non-alcoholic) beverage vendors for the fest, so it’s time to start making plans for your mid-set dinners.

Here are a few ways to maximize your time when it comes to grubbing at ACL Eats.

-Register your wristband. ACL uses a cashless payment system that really makes life much easier and lines move much faster. But for the love of god, whether it’s for a hot dog or a beer, do not forget to tip your lovely server who’s back there providing nourishment for you.

-Try to stagger your eating schedule so that you’re not trying to grub during typical lunch and dinner hours. Those lines can get pretty brutal and trying to make the Sophie’s choice between calming your grumbling stomach and missing the opening song from Radiohead is a choice that no music fan should ever be subjected to.

-Remember — teamwork makes the dream work — pick a meeting place and send some of your group off for beers while you grab the food or vice versa. And definitely get someone to hold down some table space for you if it’s available, unless you like sitting on the ground. That’s cool, too. We’re not here to judge.

-Don’t be afraid to grab a sampler platter — if you’re not fighting lines, go in on a few different dishes with friends so that you can try as many items as you can in one meal. You can’t really go wrong, no matter what you choose.

-Be sure to bring along some hand sanitizer or wet wipes to make sure you don’t end up sick after the festival is over. Plus, if you’re sharing food, eating with unclean hands is way, way worse than double dipping. 

-And no, we don’t expect that you’ll eat every meal while you’re at the festival, so while you’re making plans, be sure to check out your options for late night eats and take advantages of apps like Favor, Uber Eats, and Postmates that will just bring the tacos directly to your mouth (or close enough, anyway).

-Know before you go — have some idea of what you want to try so you don’t spend too much time making decisions and missing music. Feast your eyes on some of the goodness that these food and drink vendors offer on a regular basis so you know which ones you want to try out.

*Note: not all of the items featured here will be available at the festival, as their offerings will be limited.


Amy’s Ice Cream

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Austin’s Pizza




Chi’Lantro BBQ


Burro Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Wednesday AKA #humpday aka soooooo cheesy!!! Thanks for the shot @512_eats !!

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East Side King

ESK classics for days. Tag your best ESK pics with "#happyhappytime @eastsideking" for a chance to win an ESK ?

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Freebirds World Burrito

Wipe away those Monday blues with a burrito….or two!

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Hat Creek Burger Co.

? this weekend is looking mighty tasty y'all!

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GoodPop Popsicles

I'll stop the world and melt with you ??

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High Brew Coffee



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Lonesome Dove Western Bistro


Maine Root Beverages

Sadie "can't get enough" of our Root Beer either! ? #MaineRoot

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Micklethwait Barbecue


Mighty Bird


Mighty Cone

Because the squad always wants Mighty Cone ???

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P Terry’s Burger Stand


Shade Tree Organic Lemonade



Skull & Cakebones

Y'all ready for Friday night? #fnltailgate

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Tamale Addiction

JBC. Jalapeño, bacon, and cheese.. Best thing ever! #tamaleaddiction #baconlover #realfood #organictamales

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Southside Flying Pizza


The Peached Tortilla


Tino’s Greek Cafe

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Tiff’s Treats

The Salt Lick

Hope you brought your appetite.

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Trudy’s Tex Mex


Torchy’s Tacos

Center of attention.

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Way South Philly Authentic Cheese Steaks

https://www.facebook.com/216455561729643/videos/1146423415399515/ Get this kid a Steak!

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Wholly Cow

How about a #grassfed double for dinner? #organic #local #delicious

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