- September 4, 2014

5 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Hi Free Fun in Austin peeps! I’m Jamie, I live in Austin and run this fun little site called C.R.A.F.T. It’s a nifty acronym for Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Today, I’m sharing some super awesome and well, free Halloween costume ideas! A few years ago, I started another fun blog dedicated to my Halloween obsession called Really Awesome Costumes! There are over 300 really awesome handmade costume ideas over there. They are all nice and organized by category: babies, kids, adults, couples, groups, and even pets. Check it out! Oh, and if you would like your creative handmade costume idea featured on Really Awesome Costumes, feel free to email me pictures and a short description at [email protected]!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT
Really Awesome Costumes

1. American Idol Contestant Costume: This seriously might be the easiest Halloween costume ever. You can wear your work clothes and then just print out the free golden ticket and get your best “I made it to Hollywood” squeal ready! Print out your American Idol number and golden ticket here.
Easy adult costume

2. Tourist costume: Pull out the Hawaiian button down, fanny pack, khaki shorts, tall socks, sneakers, straw hat, and passport to be a tourist!

Tourist costume 

3. Words with Friends: This is a great costume for a big group of friends, family, or co-workers! All you need is black clothes and a yellow square of cardboard with one big black letter!

Words with friends costume 

4. Old man: We found the pants at Goodwill, but all of the other old man pieces were from Andy’s closet! Use a pillow for your belly and slippers are better than Crocs! Highwaters are a must! Oh, and glasses would be a nice addition.

 grandpa costume 

5. Fred and Wilma costumes: This couples costume takes a little more time and a few bucks. See the full Fred and Wilma tutorial here.

Fred and Wilma costume  

Check out 29 more handmade adult Halloween costumes and 29 handmade kid costumes by clicking the links!

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