- July 22, 2016

12 Austin Bars With Shareable Drinks To Enjoy With Friends

A recent study published by The Journals of Gerontology yielded some unusual results when it came to discovering what makes a long-lasting relationship. Turns out, the key isn’t communication or taking turns with chores — it’s booze!

Yeah, it’s not as if Austinites needed another reason to imbibe. Hell, we’ve even got a local liquor maker that claims its products will make you horny Which we’ll certainly take this as good news. Still, the fine people over at Mashable report that the correlation between drinking and happiness likely has to do with couples spending more quality leisure time together. Makes sense!


That in mind, here are a few great Austin spots where couples can hang out and a enjoy some drinks together, all romantic-like. Note: Almost all drinks on this list require two or more people to order them, so be sure to bring a boo — flying solo isn’t going to cut it on these!

Jackalope: The Helldorado   

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This drink doesn’t just have a cool name, it also tastes delicious and will definitely get the job done. For $17 their signature shareable drink is a vodka-based fruit punch cocktail that comes in a giant martini glass with equally giant straws. It requires two people to order, so if you don’t already have a partner in crime, you’d better find one real quick.

Barlata Tapas Bar: The Porron

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Sure, sharing a bottle of wine is super romantic, but why not make it extra fun by foregoing glasses and pouring it straight into your mouth? The porron is a Spanish drinking vessel that allows drinkers to pour directly from the spout to their mouths. Pour it for yourself or show your partner how much you trust them by letting them pour for you (hopefully you don’t end up with a shot of red wine in your eye), and add a bit of fun and spontaneity to your night.

Chupacabra: Anything On The Sharables Menu 

This Sixth Street bar believes that sharing is caring so much that they have a dedicated Shareables menu. These drinks for two or more range from $20-$24 and include the Dulce Vino Sangria, Tropical Assassin, and Chica Bonita Spritzer. You can even find the Shareable Sangria on their happy hour menu for just $15 (Monday through Sunday 2-7pm).


Trudy’s: The Mexican Martini 

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This is one of those quintessential drinks that everyone must try if they’re within the Austin city limits, and though two people can polish one of these margarita shakers off pretty quickly, it’s still a fun drink to bond over (you can always order more). Plus, they’re only $5 on Mondays, so they make for a great cheap date for the couple on a budget.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar: The Schooner

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Looking for drinks and a show? Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar on Sixth Street may be a bit touristy for the everyday visit, but it sure can be fun for the occasional date night. To help patrons “sing loud” their 52oz Schooner comes in five different varieties: Pineapple Express, Lake Austin, Planter’s Punch, Lucky Duck, and The Porn Star. The big bowl drink costs $36.95, and serves up to five people, plus it comes with a fun rubber ducky to take home!

Hula Hut: The Hu-La-La

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One of Austin’s most sought-after locales on a beautiful day, Hula Hut brings a Mexican/Hawaiian theme to Central Texas. Their signature cocktail, the Hu-La-La is a fishbowl of light rum, Malibu spiced rum, Malibu coconut rum, and fruit juices, and will help get you ready for a fun day on the lake.

Punchbowl Social: A, Er, Punchbowl (Ugh, So Obvious)

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Well, they’ve got the whole punchbowl thing right there in the name, so you know they’ve got to be good, which is why this is one of the only chains on our list. The bowls come in single servings, four person servings, or eight person servings and include the Bachelor’s Bowl, The Bat Bridge Bowl, the “You Must Bring Us…a Shrubbery,” and a featured punch. After you’re done imbibing, have some fun together bowling, playing darts or ping pong, doing karaoke, and more. You can even take an adorable couple’s photo under their “Shut Up and Kiss Me” mural.

Razzoos: Gator Punch

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Sure, it’s another chain, but a Gator Punch isn’t something we want to leave off of this list. This fishbowl drink full of trashcan punch contains SIX different types of liquor and requires four mouths at the end of their 2 foot straws. If you want to stick to a single date instead of a double date, you can also order a half size with the Gator Punch Jr. The drink also comes with a some take home gator beads so that you can bring the party atmosphere with you.

Kitty Cohen’s: Key Party

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This brand new retro bar on Webberville is just begging for you to come lounge around and sip cocktails with their “patio hangs and time warp vibes.” As great as the theme is, even more impressive is their take on the shared cocktail, a Key Party punchbowl. They’re celebrating their grand opening on July 22, so go find out how good it is for yourself.

Hillside Farmacy: Mimosas Or The House Punch Bowl

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No shared drinking list is complete without the traditional brunch staple, the mimosa. But why drink your mimosas out of a boring carafe when you can drink them from a giant beaker? The chemistry between you and your partner will be off the charts as you share oj and bubbles and coy glances across the table. Looking for something with a little extra boozy goodness? They’ve also got a house punch with gin, bubbles, hibiscus syrup, and grapefruit juice — the bowl serves 20 cups for $50, so this is probably best for a double date.

Top Golf: Golf Bag

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Golf plus booze? Sounds like a pretty good date, made even better by a $16 Golf Bag, the Top Golf signature shareable cocktail served in a take-home mug. You can try the Citrus Cabana made with Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, Fleur Elderflower Liqueur, fresh lemon, lime, and orange juice or the Pineapple Punch full of Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Bacardi Coconut Rum, pineapple juice, and Monin ginger.

Midnight Cowboy: Fish House Punch


Privacy is important at this speakeasy, so we don’t know too much about their menu, but we do have photo evidence to go along with reports that they have a shareable drink on the menu known as Fish House Punch. You’ll have to make a reservation to get in, and you’ll have to behave yourself while you’re there. From their website: “While our cocktails might loosen inhibitions and the building’s past might encourage licentiousness, we ask that you refrain from excessive displays of public affection…” So you know, get a room (or wait until you get home).

Which boozy delight are you looking forward to trying with your honey this weekend? Do you have a favorite shareable drink that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!