- January 20, 2016

Spring In Austin Is The Best! Here Are 10 Photos That Prove It

Now that winter has officially set in, we’ve caught ourselves longing for warmer and greener times more than once lately. Yesterday, we spent several blissful minutes daydreaming that we were camped out in Zilker Park during the summer, waiting to see our favorite band perform live (sunburn be damned!).

Today, however, our musings weren’t so upbeat. A chilly hike down our beloved Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail left us feeling as colorless and barren as the naked trees and bushes that surrounded us.

Simply put, we miss spring in Austin, and we’re pretty sure these 10 photos will get you right there with us…

1.) When spring in Austin finally comes, we’ll be like…

happy dog running sprinting texas wildflowers buttercups violets bluets spring pup

“OMG WILDFLOWERS YAAAAASSSS!!” Looks like this pup is taking full advantage of our six leash-free dog parks with trails. Photo: Flickr user Rennett Stowe, CC licensed