- January 20, 2016

10 Photos That Will Have You Looking Forward To Spring In Austin

Now that winter has officially set in, we’ve caught ourselves longing for warmer and greener times more than once lately. Yesterday, we spent several blissful minutes daydreaming that we were camped out in Zilker Park during the summer, waiting to see our favorite band perform live (sunburn be damned!).

Today, however, our musings weren’t so upbeat. A chilly hike down our beloved Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail left us feeling as colorless and barren as the naked trees and bushes that surrounded us.

Simply put, we miss spring in Austin, and we’re pretty sure these 10 photos will get you right there with us…

1.) When spring in Austin finally comes, we’ll be like…

happy dog running sprinting texas wildflowers buttercups violets bluets spring pup

“OMG WILDFLOWERS YAAAAASSSS!!” Looks like this pup is taking full advantage of our six leash-free dog parks with trails. Photo: Flickr user Rennett Stowe, CC licensed

2.) Because we’re totally obsessed with bluebonnets.

bluebonnet field wildflowers spring pasture beautiful pretty nature green grass leaves

Every Texan knows: bluebonnets are breaths of fresh air for the soul. Here’s seven things you probably don’t know about our state flower! Photo: Flickr user Jon Clegg, CC licensed

3.) And spring sunrises Make everything seem better.

sunrise lady bird lake town lake rowers rowing reflection water

Watching a spring sunrise always makes us feel less stressed out. For the best viewpoints, check out some of our favorite Austin fireworks-watching spots. Photo: Flickr user Samuel Mann, CC licensed

4.) Because Spring brings the X Games to town…

x games motocross racing racecars circuit of the americas racetrack

Between the Pirelli World Challenge, MotoGP, and the X GamesCircuit of the Americas comes alive in a big way during the spring! Photo: Flickr user Ralph Arvesen, CC licensed

5.) And SXSW, which means Crazy traffic but Amazing Music nonstop.

SXSW South By Southwest Interactive music festival live bands musicians singers artists

When SXSW badges go on sale, you know spring is just around the corner. Photo: Flickr user Ed Schipul, CC licensed

6.) Did we mention we really really dig kites?

Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 2nd… It’s the 86th Annual Zilker Park Kite Festival!Stay tuned right here for…

Posted by ABC Kite Fest on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7.) spring is our favorite time of year to explore Zilker Botanical Garden…

zilker botanical garden lilypads blossom bloom pond

Even though it’s easier to watch out for the dinosaurs when there’s little vegetation… Photo: Flickr user Claudia Heidelberger, CC licensed

8.) and stop to smell the roses.

capitol grounds roses

The Texas State Capitol‘s groundskeepers maintain some killer rosebushes. Here’s 10 other facts you never knew about Texas’ governmental seat. Photo: Flickr user Vanessa Nunes, CC licensed

9.) Because everything’s so freaking green we could keel over and die of happiness…

green trees greenery scenery spring springtime auditorium shores park

Perfection. Photo: Flickr user Nan Palmero, CC licensed

10.) Which would be fine because we would have the Best. View. Ever.

zilker park auditorium shores austin city skyline buildings skyscrapers view

Oh, Auditorium Shores. How we miss you. Photo: Flickr user Jorg Westpfahl, CC licensed

Are you weeping yet? Don’t worry! In all of its drizzly and colorful majesty, spring in Austin will be here before you know it, bringing joy to wildflower-frolicking pups and music fanatics everywhere. Until then, we suggest that you curl up with a steamy cup of hot chocolate and make a list of local spring adventures that you can’t wait to embark on when March rolls around again.

Just… maybe ease back on the rain dancing this year?


Featured photo: Flickr user Basheer Tome, CC licensed