10 Photos That Will Make You Miss Summer in Austin

Compared to the northern United States, Austin’s winters are incredibly mild, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience our fair share of biting north winds, dreary overcast skies, and freezing temperatures. And sleet. Lots of freaking sleet.

If you’re Texas born and raised, then you’ve probably learned to appreciate Texas’ warmer climate and plentiful sunshine, and it’s probably safe to assume that, when your face and fingers and toes are aching in the bitter cold, the native Texan in you longs for summer.

Sound familiar? Then sorry, but these 10 photos of summer in Austin are only going to make your pining worse. Much much worse:

1.) It’s been so long since we’ve paddled Lady Bird Lake

lady bird lake water colorado river paddleboarding SUP canoe canoeing kayaking

It might be illegal to swim in Lady Bird Lake, but stand up paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks, and canoes are legit and we love them. Photo: Flickr user Rabah Rahil, CC licensed

2.) And There’s nothing as warm and wonderful as a Texas summer sunset

city skyline sunset sunrise

The blazing sun has its benefits! Photo: Flickr user Earl McGehee, CC licensed

3.) our Dogs just aren’t as happy without their weekly swim

dog red bud isle swimming playing pup rescue island park leash-free

This is what our pups are going to look like the next time they get to play and swim at one of our many off-leash dog parks. Photo: Flickr user Roy Niswanger, CC licensed

4.) … And neither are we

barton creek swimming hole

We Austinites have a wealth of natural swimming holes at our disposal and we get cranky without ’em. Photo: Flickr user LilyyyB, CC licensed

5.) Sailing Lake Travis is just better in shorts

boating lake travis sailboat

Lake sunsets are more easily appreciated in shorts too! Photo: Flickr user David Brooks, CC licensed

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6.) And we’re pretty sure these sprinklers are begging to be run through

Zilker Park Great Lawn watering sprinklers misty foggy humid dew morning

Running through the sprinklers in Zilker Park should be some kind of right of passage. Photo: Flickr user Matthew Rutledge, CC licensed

7.) The Graffiti on the Lamar Train Bridge is freaking gorgeous like this

lamar train bridge pfluger pedestrian graffiti ninja kung fu style

When summer finally arrives, the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge is the first stop on our Austin selfie-taking itinerary. Photo: Flickr user Crockodile, CC licensed

8.) and how could the weather be any more perfect for a music festival?

SXSW ACL music festival outdoor zilker park auditorium shores

Austin summers usually bring amazing weather for music festivals like ACL. Photo: Flickr user Jenn Deering Davis, CC licensed

9.) Then there’s the epicness that is July 4th Fireworks

cedar park fireworks july 4th fourth independence day new years eve zilker park

You know about Austin’s big July 4th fireworks show at Auditorium Shores, but Cedar Park puts on a pretty awesome display too. Photo: Flickr user J. Dimas, CC licensed

10.) And of course, our bats <3

Congress Avenue bats bridge Ann W. Richards

Our 1.5-million bat colony winters in South America and the Congress Bridge just isn’t the same without them. Photo: Flickr user He.Who.Wanders, CC licensed

If you’ve never fully appreciated summer in Austin, we’re sure that after seeing these photos, you’ll agree: Austin is beautiful and has so much to offer in the warmer months! Now if we could only keep sight of that as things heat up…


Featured photo: Flickr user Jonas Foyn Therkelsen, CC licensed