- September 12, 2023

Wish you could visit the Gilmore Girls town of Stars Hollow? New Braunfels Is The Next Best Thing


A comment from a follower on Facebook alerted us to something we’ve never noticed before – the New Braunfels town square feels a heck of a lot like Stars Hollow, the home of the “Gilmore Girls.”

Now, there might be a bit more traffic than there was in Stars Hollow. But, to be fair, that town is actually located on a movie lot – the Warner Bros. lot to be exact. Last year, they even decked the lot out for a Stars Hollow Christmas!

But you don’t go have to go to LA to feel like you’re in Stars Hollow!

Here’s how to spend a day in New Braunfels and feel just like one of the Gilmore Girls.

Pretend you’re at Luke’s Diner by grabbing a bite or a cup of coffee at Crosswalk Coffee House and Cafe.

Photo via @crosswalknbtx

Stroll through the Downtown Antique Mall and imagine you’re at Kim’s Antiques.

Head to Arlan’s Market and keep your eyes peeled for Dean, though you’re more likely to find him here in Austin (if you know, you know).

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Book a stay at the Comal Inn and pretend Michel is who checked you in. Or, if you really want the small town B&B feel, head over the Gruene and check out the Gruene Mansion Inn.

Learn more about what to do in Gruene here.

2tarts Bakery is described as a place for scratch-made cakes, pastries and cookies, plus light cafe fare served in a colorful, quirky setting. Sounds exactly like a place Sookie would run.

And finally, simply hang at the gazebo in the town square where you’re sure to encounter locals who love their town just as much as Lorelai and Rory do. Who knows, you might even cross paths with someone as colorful as Kirk!

If you think it gives off Stars Hollow vibes on the regular you should visit during the holidays for the full effect!

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Featured photo from @playinnewbraunfels on Instagram.