Where To Find Alpacas, Llamas, And Goats Near Austin


If you’re a fan of alpacas, llamas, and/ or goats, this is the post for you! From rentals, to breweries and wineries, to farms (duh!), here are the best places in Austin to get up close and personal with these furry friends.


You’re most likely to snap pics with alpacas at a party or event where they’ve been rented from a company like Texas Party Animals. If you have kiddos, there are petting zoos where you can include alpaca in your package like Austin Animal Shows.

Aplaca from Texas Party Animals at the Market Day event at Easy Tiger in May 2021.


The Shady Llama is – no surprise here – the place to go to see llamas. Head out to Wimberley, grab a drink, and hope the many llamas on site are in the mood to socialize. The llamas have 35 acres on which to roam and, while they often show up at the bar in the early afternoons or near sunset, their schedule can be unpredictable. You can read up on each of them before your visit here.


There are a variety of ways to mix and mingle with goats (have you ever tried goat yoga?) but our favorite experience is offered by Jester King Brewery. For $10/ person you can join for a 45 minute hands-on engagement with their family of over 40 Nigerian Dwarf goats in the Goat Pen. Additionally you’ll learn about their grazing habits and Jester King’s general farming practices. Or you can schedule a goat walk and have the experience of a lifetime while learning the benefits of holistic grazing with the goat herd.

Looking for more goat experiences in the area? Check out this article.

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