- August 8, 2023

Whataburger Has The Healthiest Fast Food Chain Cheeseburger


Apparently, a Whataburger With Cheese is the nation’s healthiest fast food chain cheeseburger. That’s what gambling.com says anyway.

According to their recent study, the Whataburger With Cheese performs well in all four of the categories: sugar, fat, salt and calories. It has the second lowest fat and calorie contents (per ounce) in the entire study. It also performs well in the salt and sugar categories, putting the Texas based chain at the top of the list.

Second place goes to the Cheeseburger from California born franchise In-N-Out Burger. Number three goes to Checker’s/Rally’s Checkerburger With Cheese and Culvers’s cheeseburger comes in at number four. Del Taco rounds out the top five with their Del Cheeseburger.

The study was conducted using nutritional data from their websites, FatSecret, and My Net Diary.

If you happen to be reading this on the day of publication, get yourself down to Whataburger right now! In celebration of the brand’s 73rd birthday, Whataburger is proudly proclaiming August 8 as “National Whataburger Day!” and you can claim a free Whataburger through the app. Details here.

Whataburger Pop Up
A Whataburger pop up art installation in Corpus Christi.