- November 6, 2014

Walking Austin While Hipster Is Way Nicer Than Walking NYC While Female

If you’re the kind of person who likes to surf the Internet with any regularity, chances are good that you saw the recent viral video of a woman being harassed by strangers as she walks through New York City.

But have you seen the video of a hipster dude dealing with the typical trials of walking through Austin in a button-down shirt and skinny jeans? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

While the original video caught over 100 instances of unscripted street harassment — pulling in over 33 million viewers as of this writing — Austin computer specialist Jim Waltrip’s spoof is clearly scripted.

Only, instead of dudes hollering at an actress who wants nothing to do with them, it’s Austinites hollering at a hipster who wants nothing to do with them. And instead of his phone number or a smile, they want him to join a band, do some graphic design for their new app, or try their organic, locally sourced Romaine lettuce. You know: Austin stuff.

Granted, being a hipster in Austin is not nearly as dangerous as being a woman in NYC — or being a woman anywhere, for that matter — but it’s nice that someone found a way to extract smiles out of what’s otherwise an acrimonious, humorless, even threatening discussion about gender and equality.

Besides, this footage is just so Austin that we had to share. Enjoy:


(H/T: Texas Exes)