- June 12, 2014

The 10 Worst Movies Filmed in Austin, According To IMDB

From Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant Death Proof to Richard Linklater’s classic Dazed and Confused, Austin is a veritable Hollywood South. With such great films in the city’s quiver, it’s easy to forget that thousands of motion pictures have been filmed out here on the Texas prairie… And with the good comes the bad.

Luckily, here in Austin we celebrate the bad, especially when it’s a movie like the ones that made this list. Around these parts, we savor terrible movies like a fine salsa — they burn in the back of your throat, but it’s just part of the fun. A few (read: just three) of these movies are even self-aware, stoking the embers of awfulness just for yucks.

(And if you’re one of those weirdos who like, you know, enjoys good movies, we’ve also got a list of the 10 Best Movies Filmed in Austin, too.)

So, with no further ado, it’s the Top 10 Worst Movies Filmed in Austin, as ranked by the users of the Internet Movie Database.


10. The Gunman, 2004

Featuring Mallrats femme fatal Joey Lauren Adams and Powder star Sean Patrick Flanery, The Gunman will have you staring at the screen in amazement that someone paid money to have it made.

A vigilante is killing bad guys in Austin and Detective Ben Simms, played by Flanery, is on his tale. Problem is, he’s just lost his wife, making his daughter the center of his attention. So when the killer starts executing bad guys to save children, everyone starts to suspect that Flanery is somehow involved. Then, for some reason, it’s all up to his rookie partner to bring down a serial killer that has the whole city trembling in fear.

Despite being filmed in 2004, one glance at the trailer and you won’t believe this is a day newer than 1990. Added, everyone seems to have their own pronunciation of “vigilante,” which might drive grammar nerds nuts.