- July 3, 2014

The 10 Best Movies Filmed In Austin, According To IMDB

Anyone who knows anything about movies knows that Austin is quickly becoming something of a Hollywood South, but it takes a keen knowledge of cinema history to pick out the best flicks that have been birthed out here on the prairie.

Austin.com has also covered the other side of this list — the 10 worst movies filmed in Austin — so thankfully there’s none of that to follow. No, instead we’re looking at the cream of the Texas crop, so to speak. With no further ado, these are the 10 best movies filmed in Austin, as ranked by the film buffs behind the scenes at the Internet Movie Database


10) “Boys Don’t Cry,” 1999 

This heartbreaking tale details the plight of transgendered teen Bobby Teena, who lived as a man before his biological gender was discovered by his peers. Teena was subsequently murdered at just 21-years-old, but his story was retold on the silver screen with shocking honesty by filmmaker Kimberly Pierce.

The utterly convincing, gut-wrenching performance Hillary Swank turned in as Teena for “Boys Don’t Cry” was also enough to secure the Academy Award for “Best Actress” in 1999. One viewing and you’ll see why right away.