- August 6, 2020

These Westlake Hills Cottages Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living in a Movie


Nestled just outside of Austin is the most quaint collection of cottages collectively called The Wayback. Though the property is located just off Bee Cave Road in Westlake Hills, there’s a peace and serenity you probably wouldn’t expect so close to the city. 

The drive out will make you feel like you’re headed to nowhere – if you live in the middle of town and don’t venture out to the outskirts much, that is. If you happen to live in Westlake or Bee Cave, then this magical place is just right around the corner. 

Because of the close proximity, I had my reservations about being able to relax. However, The Wayback makes you feel like you’ve truly escaped from the struggles of the real world, if only for a night or two. With the lush greenery of the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve flanking the backside of the property, you’ll almost feel like you’re glamping – if glamping at a chic Southern style boutique cottage is your thing. In my case, it most definitely is.

After checking in and hitting the pool for a couple of hours, I headed back to my cottage to clean up for dinner. On the way, both a lizard and a squirrel scurried across my path and I took a breath realizing this was a sign to simply let go and enjoy this midweek moment of zen. Thank you for the reminder and the release, Wayback!

Here are a few unique tidbits about The Wayback:

The majority of the products at the cafe are sourced from local vendors, including Texas French Bread, Fara Coffee, Texas Olive Oil Ranch, and Ruthie’s Yogurt. The cafe is open to the public! You can peruse their menu and get info on updated hours here.

Many of the wines and beers they serve also come from Texas.

The body products provided in each cabin are locally sourced at South Austin People. And here’s another fact that’s pretty cool – since full bars of soap are not necessary, small bars are created from scraps to reduce waste.

The Wayback beds feature sustainable organic linens.

Concerned about Covid (who isn’t)? The Wayback is a safe option for a getaway as there are only eight cabins and no shared airways. Their HVAC system pulls air straight from the outdoors!

Here’s my favorite fact: the property is owned and operated by a mother daughter duo. How sweet is that? 

You can read more about them in this Austin360 article, but first, I must share this quote from the piece:

“After dining there one evening, a guest remarked that she felt like she was in a Nancy Meyers film (The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, Home Again).”

Whoever made that comment is speaking to my soul. If I could live inside the movie The Holiday, I would. Thanks to The Wayback, I was able to make my dream a reality, at least for a moment. 

Book your stay at The Wayback here.

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