- January 21, 2016

You've GOT To Try These Local Energy Bars From Bearded Brothers

Bearded Brothers

The Bearded Brothers: Chris Herbert (left) and Caleb Simpson (right). Photo: Rebecca L. Bennett

Most of us Austinites are fluent in at least three languages: bands, barbecue, and beards. We maintain more than 250 live music venues throughout town, our BBQ has achieved legendary status among foodies nationwide, and we take No-Shave November very seriously. We’re friggin’ Beardlympians.

So when we discovered Bearded Brothers, a local snack food company that not only makes some seriously delicious organic energy bars but is also owned and operated by two Austinites with (you guessed it) impressive facial growth, we knew we had to share their story.

Founded in March 2011 by brothers-in-law Caleb Simpson and Chris Herbert, Bearded Brothers has spent the last five years cooking up a modest selection of organic snack bars that are raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, non-gmo, and if you can believe it, utterly delicious all at once.

Peddling flavors like Radical Raspberry Lemon and Outrageous Orange Kale, the company targets athletes and anyone else seeking nutritious, natural fuel that will enable them to feel great while performing daily tasks — without a crash.

“We want to make wholesome, healthy snack foods that not only are good for you, but are also yummy,” said Herbert in an exclusive interview with Austin.com. “We want people to switch their typical bad snack for a good snack like a Bearded Brothers bar. We believe in making little changes to ones daily life in order to see big improvements in the long run.”

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