- March 9, 2022

These Memes Perfectly Illustrate What SXSW Is Like for Locals


SXSX is back and while some things may look different, other things will look exactly the same. What things you ask? Traffic, wacky weather, Austin newbies hitting the fest for the first time. You know, those things people love to complain about.

We’re right there with you! That’s why we created these memes that perfectly illustrate what SXSW is like for locals.

Send this one to your friend who always says they aren’t doing the festival this year but then you tell them about the best party with free drinks.

We don’t know one person who can’t relate to this one.

And this is pretty much all of us all of the time. We just don’t usually have to be fashionably prepared for 12 hour days. Heck, sometimes event 16 hour days.

Even when you are prepared, you aren’t prepared. This beast of a festival will leave even the most well rested, well hydrated, mentally stable person wrecked by the end of the week.

So newbies, beware, it’s all fun and games until the next morning.

And if you’re old school, be sure to pack your patience.

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