These Austin Drinks Are Perfect For Your Socially Distant Summer Activities


As we kick off the Summer of social distancing, you’ve hopefully gotten into a groove for keeping yourself busy. Social isolation is tough (like, really tough) when you live in such an active and vibrant city like Austin. 

We chatted with local blogger and beer and drinks connoisseur Caitlin from Big World Small Girl, about working from home, activities to keep us busy, and what she’s been sipping on. You may not feel comfortable heading to your favorite watering hole for drinks with friends, but social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still support local bars, brewers, etc.

With Caitlin’s help, we created this list of the best Austin drinks to sip on during your socially distant summer activities.

  • What to drink while you’re filming your first TikTok dance with your roommate:
    Taquero Mucho Anti-Bitch Juice or Watermelon Cider from Austin Eastciders.

    “You need a fun drink to sip on while learning the TikTok dances. They’re not as easy as they look.”
  • What to drink while you and you’re bestie are hanging in a kiddie pool in the backyard:
    Friends with Benefits from The Austin Winery.

    “A chilled medium to dry white wine because you’re going to need something cool when you’re catching up on the gossip.”
  • What to drink while you’re chatting with your neighbor over the fence, “Home Improvement” style:
    St. Elmo Brewing Co. Carl Kolsch – because you need a beer that everyone will enjoy.

    “Their kolsch comes in six-packs or crowlers, so pass one over the fence to share.”
  • What to take with you when you go camping (or glamping):
    Flavor Country Pale Ale from Austin Beerworks – Take it along on your visit to Ololo, our favorite getaway spot in Fredericksburg! 

    “This beer pairs great with snacky foods after you’ve gone on a hike.”
  • What to spend your stimulus check on when it finally comes in:
    A bottle of Dom Perignon from REINA.

    “For when you’re finally ready to treat yourself — goodness knows you’ve deserved it for staying in your house the past few months.”
  • What to drink after you’ve taken your government-recommended daily outdoor walk:
    Margarita de Peached Drink Kit from The Peached Tortilla.

    “With the temperature getting warmer, you want a drink that will cool you off and be just as refreshing, with a little spice kick. With margaritas being the unofficial drink of Austin, this kit is perfectly easy to put together a cocktail.”
  • What to drink when you’ve returned from taking another Hill Country drive, just to get out of the house:
    No Whalez Here Farmhouse Witbier from Jester King.

    “Because you didn’t drive around Hill Country just to return home empty-handed.”
  • What to drink while having a front yard gossip session with your friends:
    Frozen daiquiri from Nickel City.

    “For when you need a tart and crisp summer cocktail to remind you of better, pre-Covid-19 days at the bar with friends.”

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