- June 6, 2017

Tele Novella Pays Tribute To California On New Song ‘Sacramento’


Tele Novella is a local indie pop band that releases really great music, and they are back at it again with “Sacramento.” You can find the track as it opens up their 2016 release, House of Souls. There the group provides listeners with a vintage sounding pop song with warm guitars and bass lines, in addition to a drum beat that tries to fight its way through the mix with a biting snare.

Fronted by vocalist Natalie Ribbons, her velvety voice gives the group a soft and likable edge. In addition to Ribbons’ voice, they’re known for being a touring act, and “Sacramento” feels like a tribute to Tele Novella’s performance visits to Northern California.

Listen to “Sacramento” below.

Featured photo: Tele Novella, Allen Corra

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