- October 12, 2022

Submit Your Free Events On The Free Fun In Austin Calendar


In case you don’t already know, Austin.com hosts a calendar of all the best FREE events happening in Austin and the surrounding area. And now, you can enter your own events any time you’s like.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter an accurate event title followed by all the details for the event in the description box.
  • Add the date and time.
  • Choose an image (horizontal photos/ graphics are best) and make sure the file isn’t larger than 2MB or your upload may time out.
  • Choose the event location – if the locale isn’t available to choose from the menu, you’ll need to add the venue.
  • Include a link to the website for more details.
  • Leave the cost field empty and remember, ONLY FREE EVENTS ARE ACCEPTED.
  • Click submit. The info may reload and display with the picture you added. If this happens, simply click submit again. Once entered, the screen will ask if you’d like to submit another event. That’s how you know it was entered.

An admin will review all entries and publish if everything is entered correctly.

Check out what’s already on the calendar HERE.