- January 18, 2023

Skipping Pretty Woman in Austin Would Be A Big Mistake – Huge.


There have been many adaptations of films made into musicals. Of course, there are the popular ones we’ve all heard of like The Producers, Beetlejuice, Hairspray, and Moulin Rouge. There are even decent musicals based on newer films like Legally Blonde, Waitress, and Mean Girls. But sometimes the non-musical movies made into Broadway shows are a big miss. Pretty Woman, however, is not one of those.

Bryan Adams (yes, that Bryan Adams) and with Jim Vallance wrote the music and lyrics for Pretty Woman. The book is by  J. F. Lawton and Garry Marshall, the original writer and director of the 1990 film.

To refresh your memory, the story centers around free spirited Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward, who is hired by wealthy businessman Edward Lewis to be his escort for several business and social functions. You’ll follow along as their relationship develops over the course of her week-long stay as Vivian ultimately finds for her fairytale ending.

pretty woman

Some highlights of the Pretty Woman touring production include:

  • “Rodeo Drive.” When Kit and Company sing about Rodeo Drive, baby, you will find yourself grinning and cheering, remembering that famous line from the flick.
  • “You’re Beautiful.” The finale song of act 1 features Edward and Company singing along with Vivian as she is finally treated to a true shopping day. She then returns to the snooty Rodeo Drive boutique to tell the shop girls that they made a big mistake. Huge.
  • As Kit De Luca , Jessica Crouch performs the most powerhouse vocals in the show. She is outstanding and a joy to watch on stage.
  • The role of the bellhop isn’t a lead, but that doesn’t stop Michael Dalke from making this character one of our faves. I’d tell you to keep your eye on him when he’s in scenes, but honestly, I don’t need to tell you that.
  • While the majority of the music is original, there is one cover. You guessed it, it’s Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman.” You won’t hear it until the end of the show and it’s a great way to close out the evening.

Now, I need to gush about the biggest highlight of the production. I had no idea when I stepped into the Bass that Adam Pascal would be playing role made famous by Richard Gere. That name may not sound familiar to you (Pascal, not Gere), but the show he starred in as part of the original cast should. Pascal is the original Roger from Rent! He also plays that role in the big screen adaptation. He is fabulous and definitely makes this show worth the price of admission.

Speaking of admission, tickets start at just $30 and can be purchased HERE.

Pretty Woman runs through Sunday, January 22 at Bass Concert Hall.

Photo credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade